Republic of Nunavut and Nunatsiaq
Nunaat Nunavut e Nunatsiaq
Timeline: Immune Americas

OTL equivalent: Canada
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Nunavut
Location of Nunavut
Capital Ennatai
Largest city Ts'aotsine
  others English
  others Inuit Paganism
Ethnic Groups
  others Na-Dene
Demonym Nunavutan
Government Unitary Presidential Republic

Nunavut is a unitary presidential republic in North America. It was originally inhabited by Inuits before they were contacted by Viking then Russian then British Explorers. Nunavut was part of Iceland-Norway before being sold to the British. They were incorporated into Canada when it gained independence as the Federation of Canada with Quebec. Under this federation, many native peoples were oppressed and the country fell into civil war. A Second Canadian State was established which granted equal civil rights to all groups. The Inuit populations, however, would still be very poor and economically oppressed. This would lead to the Nunavut Revolution and Nunavut becoming a democratic socialist state. Eventually, a social democratic party would come to power and make Nunavut less socialist. Nunavut is closely allied with Alyeska and Newfoundland. It has had tense relations with both Iceland-Norway and the Kalmar Union due to arctic territorial disputes and an attempted invasion during World War 1 and 2. It has cold relations with Canada due to Canada still claiming Nunavut as part of itself.

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