Native Republic of Nunavut
2009 –
Flag of Nunavut.svg Coat of Arms of Nunavut.png
"Our land, our strength"
Traditional Inuit Songs
Geographical location:
Location of the Native Republic of Nunavut.svg
Yellowknife, NWT
Largest City: Whitehorse, Yukon
Official languages: English, Various Inuit Languages
Military Strength: 5,260
Top Allies: Rocky Mountain Republic, Native Republic of Lakota, Native Republic of Oklahoma
Political Parties: Conservative Party (Center-Right), Liberal Party (Center-Left), New Democratic Party (Left)
Independence: March 15th 2009
Area: 3,921,739
Population: 105,196
International Organizations: UNAR, CICS, UNN
Demonym: Nunavummiut
Time Zones: WST, MST, CST, EST
International Disputes: Disputed border with Alaska
Currency: Nunavummiut Dollar
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