Alternative History

The Beginning[]

A branch of the SS, the OSG was created to satisfy Hitler's and Himmler's interest in the paranormal and the unknown. Many of it's members possessed psychic capacity, and their branch was constantly well funded. After a number of experiments involving Active Projection of Psychic Energy, with the aid of numerous hallucinogenics, electromagnetic field generators and thermal energy generators, a portal between the Reality 4038 and the Barrier Plane connecting it to the rest of the Multiverse, was opened.

In the Spring of 1941, they sent an unmanned camera drone through the portal.

Barrier World MU672 - NeuDeutschland.[]

As the German robot operators huddled over the cold green view from their primitive CRT displays, their eyes beheld a vast wilderness of rolling hills, vast forests and giant rock formations. It didn't take long for a pair of OSG Agents, clad in what was basically an armour plated diving suit and carrying an MP40 and box of scientific analyzers, to enter the swirling portal.

In the world they discovered, they found a red sun setting over a rugged landscape. An oxygen atmosphere allowed the OSG agents to remove their helmets, and observe bizarre local flora and fauna. There was a brief scare when they encountered a number of humans, clothed in padded cloth and leather, and carrying what where recognizably swords and axes. Their language seemed to be a slightly developed variant of Medieval German, and it wasn't long until communication was possible

(more to come)