Alternative History

476-576 AD[]

476 AD: Odoacer the leader of the Ostrogoths is assassinated. The Ostrogoths disperse from Rome and Italia.

477 AD: Romulus Augustus dies possibly of the plague occurring in Rome at that time. Orestes is also assassinated. A Germanic General Joderic crowns himself emperor.

479 AD: A revolt by Claudius Brangus is crushed in Milan.

480 AD: Julius Nepos invades Italy and defeats Joderic who is executed by his own men. Nepos is crowned emperor.

481 AD: Zeno of the Eastern Empire sends re-inforcements to aid Nepos in his campaign against the Burgundians.

484 AD: The Burgundian Kingdom is conquered by the Romans. Nepos also begins campaigning against the Vandals.

486 AD: After a lengthy three-month long siege Carthage is captured by the Romans. Geiseric II is deposed.

491 AD: Julius Nepos dies of a heart attack on the 5th of July. He is succeeded by his son Leontius.

498 AD: Leontius marries Flavia, the granddaughter of Zeno. They have a son, Valentinian.

499 AD: Zeno dies and a general Valens II succeeds him.

501 AD: The White Huns ravage the Persian Empire.

503 AD: The Hunnic Leader Makila proclaims himself emperor of Persia and invades the Eastern Empire.

504 AD: Valens II defeats Makila at Dara and invades Makilas fledgling empire capturing land all the way up to Hatra.

505 AD: Leontius Nepos defeats the invading Alemanni and conquers their lands in Raetia.

506 AD: Ctesiphon is captured by Valens II and Makila is killed. His son Lorga retreats to Susa.

507 AD: Susa is captured and raised to the ground by Valens II. Lorga retreats into Bactria.

508 AD: A peace deal is concluded by Valens II and Lorga.

512 AD: Leontius defeats the Berbers at the battle of Chadra and reconquers all the old Roman territory in Africa.

517 AD: Armenia is conquered by Valens II. The Armenian Flu epidemic occurs at this time as it is brought back to the Eastern Empire by the victorious soldiers.

518 AD: By this point 10% of the Eastern Empires population has been wiped out.

520 AD: Leontius dies and his 22 year old son Valentinian IV succeeds him.

521 AD: Valens II dies in the East and Valentinian IV reunites the empire in one body.

527 AD: Lorga invades the empire but is smashed at Polyphlos by Valentinian.

530 AD: Lorga is deposed by his stepson Hatla.

534 AD: Hatla invades The Roman Empire and defeats the governor of Tigris the roman province containing Ctesiphon.

535 AD: Hatla is beaten at Pharae by Valentinian IV and he is killed. His son Makila II succeeds him.

541 AD: Makila II invades the Hindu Kush and annexes most of the territory there.

542 AD: Makila II defeats Valentinian IV when he is on campaign in Armenia. Valentinian is killed.

543 AD: Belisarius, a promising commander is made emperor.

544 AD: Belisarius retakes Armenia from the Persians.

545 AD: Belisarius invades Gedrosia and Bactria. They both fall in months.

546 AD: Belisarius pursues Makila II into the Hindu Kush.

548 AD: After two years of campaigning in the Hindu Kush Makila is finally captured and executed by the Romans.

550 AD: Belisarius goes on campaign against the Indian Kingdoms of Northern India. He defeats the Indian King Anup at the battle of the Qaurshima River but loses 16,000 men to the elephants of Anup. He continues down through India defeating more kings.

Double Centenionalis Magnentius

6th century coins of Belisarius

551 AD: The Kings Anup, Shakshi, Benwar, Jabid, Randhi, Maoli and Pauravas have all been captured by Belisarius.

552 AD: A spectacular triumph is held in Rome to mark the victories of Belisarius.

558 AD: Belisarius goes on campaign against the Barbarians of Germania. They are defeated in a whirlwind campaign.

560 AD: Belisarius is determined to reunite the entire empire. The Visigothic kingdom of Spain is assaulted.

561 AD: Belisarius captures the Visigothic king and puts him to death. The only old roman provinces which have not been reconquered are Brittania and Gaul.

567 AD: Belisarius defeats the rebellious Vandal Kaseric in North Africa. Another Triumph is held for Belisarius.

570 AD: Belisarius dies. Another general, Narses, succeeds the throne.

573 AD: Narses invades the Frankish kingdom but is defeated. This is the first Roman defeat since 542 AD.