Okinawa Island (沖縄本島 Okinawa-hontō, alternatively 沖縄島 Okinawa-jima;Okinawan: 沖縄/うちなー Uchinaa or 地下/じじ jiji;[2] Kunigami: ふちなーFuchináa) is the largest of the Okinawa Islands and the Ryukyu (Nansei) Islands of Japan. The island is approximately 70 miles (110 km) long and an average 7 miles (11 km) wide, and has an area of 1,206.98 square kilometers (466.02 sq mi). It is roughly 640 kilometers (400 mi) south of the rest of Japan, roughly the same distance off the coast of the Chinese Federated Union, and 500 km (300 mi) north of the Republic of Taiwan. The Greater Naha area, home to the prefectural seat of Okinawa Prefecture on the southwestern part of Okinawa Island, has roughly 800,000 of the island's 1.3 million residents, while the city itself is home to about 320,000.

The island hosts military bases belonging to Japan and the United States.

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