City of Olongapo
Timeline: The Era of Relative Peace

OTL equivalent: Olongapo
Flag Seal
City has no official flag and uses the Zambales Provincial Flag instead Seal
Map of City of Olongapo
Location of Olongapo in the province of Zambales

Motto: Transparency and Good Governance

Country Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines
Province Vlag Fil Zambales.gif Zambales
District 1st District
Language Filipino, Tagalog
Roman Catholicism
  others Christianity, Buddhism, Islam
Ethnic groups
  others Americans, Chinese
Founded November 4, 1750
Cityhood June 1, 1966
Area 185.00 km²
Population 233,040  

Olongapo is a city in the Philippines that houses the nearby Naval Base Subic of the United States Navy.




World War III

The city was attacked by Chinese air, naval, and special forces during the People's Republic of China's entry into World War III, which saw the destruction of some U.S. Navy and Philippine Navy ships. Both Filipino and American forces counterattacked the Chinese, in which the intense street-to-street, house-to-house fighting occurred. Parts of the city remained under Chinese control until they were reduced to a pocket, a remainder which survived to surrender to the local forces when the PRC fell and the Chinese Federated Union was established.

AIFV in the streets of Zambales during the Chinese offensive in the Philippines.

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