Omahaghenu Republic
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Omahaghenu (The Kalmar Union).svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Ton Won Tonga
Language Omahaan
General Akondabpa
Population 176,500 
Currency IYH

The Omahaghenu Republic, Omahaghenu, Omahaland, is a small military dictatorship in north-central Leifia. It is bordered by Poncaland, Isanyathimark, Baxojeyuh, Otoewa and Mexica. The capital is Ton Won Tonga and the population is around 176,000.

The Head of State is General Akondabpa.

The official language is Omahaan.

Officially the currency is the Omahaghenu Me-Um which was once the dominant currency on the Missouri River. However this has not been minted in years. The Isanyathi Hinah (IYH) is the de facto currency in everyday use.


The Omahaghenu tribe were, much like their neighbours, pushed out of their original homelands by the expansion of the Aniyunwiyan Empire in the 13th century. Aniyunwiya would build a fort at Ton Won Tonga in 1548 to assist in warding off Mexic raiding parties and this would soon become a focal point for trade in the region. Whilst the Ponca to the west handled the gold routes from western Leifia and remained largely in Álengsk hands, the Omahaghenu handled local trade, mostly foodstuffs and fur, and retained their independence. Importantly it held both sides of the Missouri river so could monopolise trade passing through.

Thanks to quick actions by its Northern and Eastern neighbours during the First Mexic-Leifian War Ton Won Tonga remained out of Mexic hands and hosted the Vinlandic army for several years while it disrupted Mexic movements in the area.

As cattle ranching made inroads to the plains Ton Won Tonga cemented its postition as a meat-processing centre and the city would blossom. The Second Mexic-Leifian War would prove hugely damaging and the entire state was occupied by Mexica for many years. They would destroy much of the state's infrastructure on their retreat. Renewed demand for food from the plains quickly restored the Omahagenu's fortunes however.

The relative prosperity was not to last. During the 'Leifian Crisis' Mexica took advantage of the disruption in Eastern Leifia to seize several weakened states in the sparsely populated region including Nibraskaland to the south. While several states would rush to prevent the fall of any further nations, Omahaghenu effectively lost its considerable trading hinterland. The state would henceforth fall into a deep recession and, frequently lapsing into revolt, it was finally stabilised by a military clique with the tacit agreement of its larger neighbours. The fur trade remained important, however this too has declined during the 20th century leaving the strategically-placed nation more or less dependant on the Eastern Leifian powers.

Alongside Poncaland it regards a portion of the Ní Btháska salient to its south as an integral part of its territory and is part of a broad alliance with the other nations encircling Mexica.


Omahaghenu is governed by a partially elected single-chambered council. The balance of power is held by an unelected majority made up of army officers.

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