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In September of 1914, British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey offered French neutrality under the guarantee of Great Britain. The Kaiser wanted to accept this offer, as with it a two-front war could be avoided. However in our timeline, Helmuth von Moltke refused to send troops to fight Russia. But what if in this alternate timeline, Germany agreed to the plan, and the Central Powers did not have to fight the might of Britain and France? What if they had to fight only a one-front war?

Point of Divergence

In 1914, Helmuth von Moltke refused Britain's offer of French neutrality. However, in this alternate timeline, Helmuth von Moltke is persuaded to send troops to Russia and Britain and France remain neutral in the war. This affects the outcome of the war greatly, as WW1 (in this timeline, the Third Balkan War) is a war that is less greusome and smaller than in our timeline.

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