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One battle can change the world...

Sometimes one small detail can change history... and this is one of them...


Allies lost badly at the Battle of the Somme.


1st July 1916: Battle of the Somme begins.

20th November 1916: Battle of the Somme ends with the Central Powers winning the battle.

April 1917: America joins World War One.

1917-1918: Germany and Austria-Hungary conquers the East of France. In September 1918, Germany embargos of Britain.

1919: A direct connection route is set up between Britain and the United States to keep Britain stable.

March 1919: Germany fully occupies France.

7th May 1919: United States invades German occupied France. This is called F-Day.

March 1919: Germany loses France.

April 1919: Britain invades Germany.

July 3rd 1919: Central Powers fall and World War One officially comes to an end.

Post July 1919: The map of Europe is redrawn. France is left in ruins after the Great War.

1926: A revolution takes place in Paris flying the communist flag. France becomes the 'French People's Republic'.

1928: When there was a royal visit to Brighton in Great Britain, two shots are fired. King George V is hit once and the other missed. The shooter was a known communist who supported the Third French Revolution. The king survives the shooting but suddenly the world sees that communism could be a threat.

January 1933: France annexes Belgium.

1933: Adolf Hitler rises in Germany.

Europe 1939 (One Battle)

September 1935: France attempts to annex Switzerland. Switzerland refuses. France invades and Switzerland surrenders in two days.

1938: Nazi Germany annexes Austria.

1938: Nazi Germany annexes Czechoslovakia.

1939: World War II starts.

1940: France invade Nazi Germany.

7th December 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor occurs.

12th 1943: France marches into Berlin and completely firebombs the city. It is thought that Adolf Hitler was killed in the firebombing but it is unknown and the body had never been identified. Nazi Germany surrenders

6th August 1945: Atomic bomb, Little Boy, was dropped on Hiroshima.

9th August 1945: Atomic bomb, Fat Man, was dropped on Nagasaki.

2nd September 1945: World War II ends.

Germany (One Battle)

Green: Federal Republic of Germany Red: German Democratic Republic Blue: New French Republic

Post September 1945: Germany is split into 3 sections: German Democratic Republic, New French Republic and Federal Republic of Germany.

February 1946: France annexes Luxembourg.

April 1946: France annexes Netherlands.

May 1946: Prime Minister of Great Britain, Clement Attlee, and United States' President, Harry Truman, meet with the French Marxist Party to address France's imperialist nature. France refuses to stop their conquest and they say that if the UK and US get in their way, war will be waged. The USSR agree with France despite the major differences between the two communist nations.

16th August 1946: French planes fly over Spain and start gunning down Spanish military bases.

18th August 1946: France declares war on Spain.

Post 18th August 1946 : French military invades Spain.

September 1946: Great Britain declares war on France.

October 1946: USSR declares war on Great Britain.

December 1946: Spain falls to France becoming the 'Spanish Socialist Republic'.

January 1947: Great Britain offers a peace treaty. It is signed in London.

1948: The Nuclear Race begins. The major powers rush to create nuclear weapons as every country knows that the war between Communist Powers and Allied Powers will once again be waged.

17th April 1965: A nuclear reactor explodes in the New French Republic. Great Britain, thinking that this was a nuclear weapon launching, launches nukes at France. This was followed by France nuking Great Britain. Every country with nuclear weapons launch them. This was called the Great Nuclear War.

World Map with Flags

The modern world with flags.

Post 17th April 1965: United States goes into complete lock down. New nations start rising from the ashes.

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