Alternative History
Operation Emisaries of Allah
Date May 13th, 1944 - July 6th 1946
Location Asia
Result Decisive Muslim/Bahasa Confederations victory

Bahasa Confederation 650,000 men,
919 tanks,
1,050 aircraft
Muslim Confederation 850,000 men
997 tanks
1098 aircraft

970,000 men,
1774 tanks,
2,092 aircraft
Military casualties:
112,021 killed,

489 material loses

Military casualties:593,126 casualties (killed-wounded)

2,421 material loses

MCM muslim

MCM Farlaujallah, from the Muslim Confederation Navy near the Karachi Coast

Operation Emissaries of Allah (Arab: عملية مبعوثين الله ; Bahasa: Operasi Allah Emissari) was the code name for the invasion of the Muslim-Bahasa Confederations to the Republic of India. The operational goal of the invasion was the invasion of India by two fronts. It finished by three quarters of the country under the control of the Confederations.

The operation was named like that because the two countries are of muslim majority.