Alternative History


In January 1997, the CIA had uncovered evidence of atrocities in the former Yugoslavia, and these were given to Hendrix upon entry into the White House. Hendrix then decides to declassify the files on the former Yugoslavia and goes to Congress about this. They unanimously approve a NATO resolution for the invasion of Yugoslavia. It was code named Operation Forest Fire.


100,000 US Soldiers headed for Bosnia from Germany and Italy. Their task was to put down any attempts at ethnic cleansing in the region.

Direct conflict[]

A Serbian T-55 tank fired at a US M1A1. This leads to congress approving an invasion of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Reports of atrocities against ethnic Albanians also leaked.

The first major engagement took place at the Serbian/Bosnian border. The Serbs began by mounting an attack in 1997 that made its way to Sarajevo. Eager to prevent a second siege, General Clark orders an air strike in the main highway to the capital. This cuts off the main Serb forces from their objective and they are forced to retreat.

This forces the Yugoslav forces on the defensive and as a result, many in the media see this as a turnaround.

Major battles[]

Siege of Belgrade[]

After linking up with the Bosnian and Croatian armies, the United States forced their way down to Belgrade with one objective: Capture or Kill Slobodan Milošević. After fierce fighting they made it to Belgrade. Ratko Mladic led one last desperate attack on the Coalition forces making its way to Belgrade, but was defeated and captured.


After Milošević signed the surrender instrument at 9:00 PM in Sarajevo, Jimi Hendrix declared that "there would be no more Vietnams or Somalias". His handling of the war meant that his approval ratings skyrocketed. The United States settled in for a brief occupation of the Balkans. Islamist insurgents also began to rear their heads in the Balkans. But the USA decides to confront them there than have to deal with a bigger problem in the future.

Hope for a brighter future[]

With the wars finished, many thought that there needed to be a successor state to stop this from happening again. In Sarajevo, an idea for a Federation of the Balkans got floated and was approved.

The United States offered massive support for this country like OTL's Israel. The United States also became an ardent ally of the Balkan Confederation.

The Balkan Confederation is also applying for membership in the European Union.