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Operation Southern Sunrise
Yellowstone: 1936
Date 2 February 1940 - 1942
Location American East Coast, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia
Flag of the United States United States Flag of Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia

Carolina Army Army of the Carolinas
Western Front Western Frontier Army
Alabama Volunteers
Mississippi Volunteers

Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt

Flag of the United States George Marshall

SavannaAugustaFort GordonLexingtonHuntington

The Operation Southern Sunrise was a large conflict between the Provisional United States of America and its former military territories in the American South, including the declared nation of Georgia, the Army of the Carolinas, compromised of forces from North Carolina and South Carolina, and the Western Frontier Army, comprised of forces from Tennessee and Kentucky.

The war began in 1940 after a series of protests against the impoverished condition of the south resulted in a government crackdown to protect American food shipments. The area of the south in question was home to some of the wealthiest American plantations in the region, responsible for feeding Americans in the north. These plantations were often worked by poor refugees, who faced discrimination and poor standards of living.

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