Alternative History

&nbsp Although located slightly to the west of the historical Orange Free State, the people in this current nation were eager to seize upon the chance to have their own country in 1996. Located along the river from which it takes its name, the Orange Free State is one of the least populated nations of Southern Africa. Due to the current stagnation in governmental faculties (see below), the economy has severely suffered in recent months. The Cape Republic has been flying relief missions into the Free State, but paranoid and power-hungry leaders are threatening to close the borders. Predictions of civil war are met with skepticism, but the coalition government has almost entirely ceased to function.


The Orange Free State has a fairly diverse economy. Much of it is based on exporting hydroelectric power to the nearby desolate Kalahari region, generated by massive hydroelectric projects on the Orange River. There is also a great deal of mining in the north and eastern parts of the country, particularly in the diamond mines of Kumandoburg. Textile weaving and the harvesting of natural dyes are also predominant.

Government crisis
Orange map

The current president, Umiad Zuma (grandson of Jacob Zuma, former leader of the Boer Republic) and his party the NVP, was elected in 2008 among accusations of voter fraud and unfair elections. His opponent, Herod Symle - and his party, ONPOL convinced Zuma to share power in a coalition government, which was able to survive, if not flourish, until September 2009, when the leader of the ONPOL was discovered dead in his house in Oramesh. Since then, the ONPOL has refused to cooperate with the NVP on the justifiable grounds of suspected murder. T

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his has lead to a halt in all government activities and organizations, including schools, hospitals, airports, and emergency services. As mentioned above, the Cape Republic has been flying rescue missions into the Free State, but with the botched recall election in February 2010 and the removal of many prominent members of the ONPOL to prison and exile, the future looks dark for the Orange Free State.


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