Governorate of Oregon
Орегонская губерния
Governorate of Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Oregon and portions of
Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming.Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon
Flag of Oregon (Russian America)
Flag of Oregon
Location of Oregon (Russian America)
Location of Oregon

Летит на собственных крыльях (Russian)
("Fly on the Wings of Their Own")

Capital Dolinnoye Serdtse
Largest city Vladikaskady
Other cities Pokatello, Tsentralny, Yevgenyevka
Russian (de facto)
  others English, Spanish, Ukrainian
Eastern Orthodox
  others Catholics, Jews, Pentecostals
Ethnic groups
Russians and Ukrainians
  others English, Germans, Norwegians
Demonym Oregonian, Oregonets
Governor Klavdia Pavlovich (DMS)
Area 353,945 km² (311,007 кв. врс
Population 7,234,231 (2017 Census) 
Established February 10, 1841
Admission January 3, 1931
Time zone AKEST (UTC-8)
  summer AKEDT (UTC-7)
Abbreviations AK-OR, Ор. (Or.)

Oregon (Russian: Орегон), officially referred to as
the Governorate of Oregon (Орегонская губерния, Oregonskaya guberniya), is a governorate of Alaska. The governorate is bordered by Columbia in the north, Idaho in the northeast, the United States (Absaroka) in the east, Mexico (Nevada and Yuta) in the south, and Sonoma in the southwest. As the third-most populous governorate, Oregon currently serves as a national hub.


Along with the Russian Empire, the territory of Oregon was also claimed by the Americans, the British, and the Spanish. In the aftermath of the Great Western War (1822-1824), the Russians emerged as the preeminent colonial power over much of the Columbia River. In order to secure these claims, the Russian Empire originally used Oregon as a penal colony. This practice was later diminished as fur trading, mining, and rail transport would help to stimulate the area.

Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon

Putyatinskaya Sopka.

By the turn of the century, Oregon would become the epicenter of the Amerikanstvo Movement, which aimed for an autonomous and democratic Russian America. Though attempts were made by the Russian Empire to appease the Amerikaniks, Alaska would formally declare their independence in March 1917. Tensions with the government in New Archangel would later see Oregon (along with Columbia and Sonoma) secede once again.

Throughout the Alaskan Wars, the Republic of Oregon mostly remained peaceful and stable. Oregon would use this stability during the reunification of Alaska and assuring the establishment of a liberal democracy. The current borders of Oregon were established in 1946 with the separation of Idaho (also giving the governorate its distinctive panhandle in order to keep the railroad connections with the United States).

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