Alternative History
Kingdom of Oregon
Official language English
Capital Georgia
King Joseph
Prime Minister
Establishment 1817
Currency North American Dollar
Former Currency Oregonian Dollar

The Kingdom of Oregon is a large nation in the northern part of North America. It is a member of the Commonwealth of British Nations and the League of North American States


The first Eurasians to claim the territory that became known as Oregon were the Japanese, who initially governed it as an extension of their Areska territory. Upon gaining control of Aruta, Oregon was merged with that instead. Shortly before the outbreak of the First Global War, the Province of Oregon was split off of the Yûzen province, still within Aruta-. The province was lost to Britain after the First Global War. During the Second Global War, much of Oregon was occupied by Japanese forces, though Japan was forced to surrender it, while being permitted to retain the then-thought-useless Areska.

Shortly after the end of the Second Global War, in 1817, the British Parliament passed the Act Establishing a Government for Oregon and Rupert's Land, which established a single government for that vast territory. At the time, Oregon and Rupert's Land remained largely under direct British rule, with less self-government than the NAC. Over time, Oregon has gradually gained greater autonomy, and today is one of the least-tightly bound nations to the Commonwealth of British Nations. So much so, that the Oregonian Parliament passed a law in 1973 that states that Parliament has the right to approve or disapprove of succession to the Oregonian throne, a law first invoked when Joseph ascended the throne in 1991. The Oregonian parliament approved his ascension several days later. Many analysts believe, however, that they will take the opportunity upon Joseph's death to choose another king.


Oregon is a constitutional monarchy, in personal union with the other nations of the Commonwealth of British Nations. Unlike other nations of the Commonwealth, however, Oregon's parliament reserves for itself the right to approve or disapprove of succession.

The monarch is represented by a viceroy, appointed by the parliament and approved by the sovereign. The Oregonian Parliament is a unicameral body, it's upper house having been abolished. Oregon possesses universal adult suffrage for all citizens of the union.

Oregon is fairly decentralized, with the provinces enjoying considerable autonomy. The territories enjoy less autonomy, being governed by appointees from the federal government.


Oregon (Toyotomi).png

Oregon covers much of the Hudson Bay's drainage basin in the east (historically Rupert's Land) and in the west, covers the territory between 42ºN and 54º40'N and west of the Great Divide (the historic Oregon). It borders Japan's Areska-dô to the north, Canada to the east, and Aruta, Misuri and Minnesota to the south.


  • Patriots' Island
  • Columbia
  • Snake
  • Alberta
  • Assinoibia
  • Winnipeg
  • Keewatin


  • Athabaska
  • Arctic
  • Ungava