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Page for all organizations in the Days After Chaos timeline.

Military Orders

Knights Marylandar

The Knights Marylandar, also known as the Marylandars, Order of Marylandars, and the Knights of the Holy Key, is a Unionist military order founded in Maryland during the early years after the Chaos. The Marylandars arose during the Battle of Baltimore, in which Charles of Ellicot, a Unionist convert, successfully united the city and declared the Presidency of Baltimore. The Marylandars were confirmed as a religious order by Pope George I, and over the next few years operated in a number of battles in Maryland, in service to the Pope and other Unionist leaders, such as the President of Baltimore. The Knights Marylandar are also known by their headquarters of Fort McHenry, an ancient fortification and Unionist landmark captured during the Battle of Baltimore. Since then the fort has continuously been operated by the Knights Marylandar, and has served to protect the Chesapeake Bay.

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