Alternative History
Otto von Habsburg

1st Emperor of the Germans
since 1986

Predecessor none
Successor none: incumbent
Born 1912

Emperor Otto I (1912- ) is the current Emperor of the Germans.

Otto von Habsburg was born in 1912 as the first son of Crownprince (and future Emperor) Karl I of Austria-Hungary.

In the first months of 1986 Otto I was asked by the ländern Bavaria, Saxony and Prussia to become Emperor of the Germans after the end of the Third Reich. Otto I was crowned as constitutional monarch in Frankfurt on September 10th 1986, one day after the signation of the new democratic constitution of Germany.

In 1997, at age 85, he passed some of his symbolic functions to his eldest son Karl, making him de facto regent.


  • Andrea (born 1953)
  • Monika (born 1954)
  • Michaela (born 1954)
  • Gabriela (born 1956)
  • Walburga (born 1958)
  • Karl, Crown prince and heir (born 1961)
    • Eleonore (born 1994)
    • Ferdinand, 2nd in line of succession (born 1997)
    • Gloria (born 1999)
  • Georg (born 1964)
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