Alternative History
Ottoman Empire
1299 –
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Osmanli-nisani
"Devlet-i Ebed-müddet
("The Eternal State")
Ottoman Empire Albany Congress
The Ottoman Empire.
Capital Constantinople
Official language Turkish
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of state
1974 -
Sultan Ertuğrul Osman
Head of government
1997 -
Grand Viziers
Abdullah Gül
Area km² (2007)
Population (2007)
Historical era
Currency Lira


Ever since the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Ottoman Empire has been one of the most powerful nations on the planet. In the 1500's and 1600's the Ottomans expanded into Europe, Asia, and Africa. It conquered Egypt and Sudan, the Barbary States, the Arabian Peninsula, and took many Eastern European lands as well. It also defeated the Persians in several wars. However, in the 1800s, it began to lose lands and was defeated in many wars. It was on the verge of collapse, but after WW-I Mustafa Kemal made the empire rich by making new trade partners and regaining old lands. BY the 1930s, the empire was restored to its former glory.Its navy was the strongest in the world, and its armies were formidable as well. An air force was also being constructed.

World War 2[]

At the begging of WW-II, the Ottomans were neutral. But when the Nazis invaded Libya, the Ottomans responded with a fierce counterattack. In 1940, the Ottomans sent a large army of 50,000 to retake Libya. The Nazis fought back, but were ultimately defeated and driven back into the sea. In December of 1940, an Ottoman fleet was sent to Italy to destroy the Nazis stationed in Italy so the Allies would have an ideal base for an attack on Berlin. The fleet bombarded and destroyed several key ports on the Italian coast, and the German army stationed their was destroyed, leaving over 20,000 Nazis dead. When reinforcements arrived however, the Turkish fleet pulled back, losing several ships in a bombing raid.

In March of 1941, the Germans sent 300 fighters and bombers to destroy Istanbul. Just 20 miles away from Istanbul, the Ottoman air force meet them, resulting in a fierce battle. At first the German air force was getting the better of them, but they were lured towards Istanbul, were Anti-Air guns were stationed, along with another Turkish Air force Fleet. The nazis were defeated, less than 30 planes escaping. The threat of the Nazis destroying Istanbul was gone.