Our Lady of Migliarelli, formally known as Our Lady of Hope and also as Our Lady of Monte Ceresa, is a Roman Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated in honour of the Marian apparitions that occurred in 1406 in the vicinity of Migliarelli in the Papal States. The first of these is the apparition of 12 May 1406, when 12-year old Anna Forti told her parents and siblings that a "lady" spoke to her in a clearing near Monte Ceresa, while she was helping her brothers take care of the family's herd of sheeps. Similar apparitions of the "Lady" were reported in the next seven months, until the last one in 12 December with the Miracle of the Flowers.


The Angel and the Saints

Uriel, the angel that Anna Forti reported having appeared to her

On 12 April 1406, while helping her brothers Pietro and Giulio take care of their family’s herd of sheeps, the 13-years old Anna Forti was picking wildflowers in a field. While picking the flowers, she walked away from her brothers until she approached a small forest.  Anna entered the forest and saw a clearing with many wildflowers. While coming close to the flowers, Anna hears a voice calling her and when she turn to see who is, Anna stops with her mouth open. In front of her there was a being which hands and face irradiated light, even their tunic shone brightly. The figure introduced themselves as an angel of the Lord named Uriel. The angel guides Anna to meet with four people that were talking with each in the center of the clearing, in front a flat rock that is similar to a pedestal. Seeing the girl, they stopped the conversation and presented themselves as being Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Saint Ari of Iceland, Saint Gregory XI and Saint Bridget of Sweden. The Saints and the Angel told her to not fear and that Our Lord needed her help and asked if she would accept help Him. Anna answered yes. They said that she needed to return next month to this same place at this same day. Each Saint gave her an advice: Elizabeth of Hungary said that is the duty of every Christian help the sick; Ari of Iceland said that isn't necessary to live in a great or well know place to work in God's name; Gregory XI said that the

Christians must show the Mercy of Christ to all nations; Bridget of Sweden said that the Christians need to pray for those that don't know about Christ. Then, they started to fade until disappearing completely. Anna returned to her brothers and told them about what had happened. They laughed, not even her parents and other siblings believed in her. However, she wouldn't let that stop her from returning to the clearing in the next month to help God.

The Lady

Anna returned to the clearing in May 12. She was followed by her brothers Pietro and Giulio that wanted to laugh at her when nothing happened.  When they arrived at the clearing, Anna saw flashes of light coming from the direction of the rocks and decided to walk toward it. When the flashes stopped, she saw at the top of the rocks a beautiful Lady. The Lady had arms outstretched and smiled at Anna with an indescribable gentleness. The Lady was wearing a simple dress is bluish-grey and falls freely all the way down to the rock on which she is standing. Her veil was pure white and covered her head and shoulders. It also reaches down to the rock. When the Lady started to make the sign of the Cross, Anna kneeled and tried to also make the sign of the Cross but she could not, because her hands were trembling. Forti asked to the Lady who she was. The apparition smiled and told to the girl with a melodious voice that she was the Mother of God and that Our Lord is sad, because He saw how many are hopeless in the World, to the point of admire and desire death. The Lady told Anna to return to the clearing in the next month at the same day, she also asked the girl to pray for those that lost their hope and for the conversion of the sinners. Then, the Lady disappeared in a flash of light. At home, Anna told her parents and other siblings about her vision of the Virgin Mary. Her parents asked Pietro and Giulio if they saw something. The two boys said that they don’t saw the Lady, but there was a strange mist at the clearing and they saw some flashes of light coming from the rocks. The boys also said that the mist disappeared when Anna got up. Anna returned to the clearing in June 12 and once again the Lady appeared and talked to the girl about how God was sad due to humanity’s sins and asked her to pray for the conversion of the sinners and for those that lost their hope. The apparitions continued until December 12, when the last one happened.

The Prayer of Hope and the Spring

In August 12, the Lady appeared over the rocks as always. However, this time she wasn’t smiling, she seemed to be sad. When Anna asked her why she was sad, the Lady told that she was sad because of the Christians that are and will lose their hope in God due to the difficulties of the World. The Lady said that Our Lord wanted to leave two gifts in the world, for the people remember that He will be always with them. Then she taught Anna the Prayer of Hope and showed the girl a place near the rocks. The Lady asked her to dig there, when Anna did it water started to flow and formed a small spring. The Lady smiled and said that the girl must pray for the conversion of the sinners and for those that lost their hope. Then she disappeared.

The Miracle of Flowers

In the apparition of December 12, the Lady said that this would be her last visit and again said Anna to pray for the conversion of the sinners and for those that lost their hope in God. Since that Cardinal-Secretary Pedro Martínez de Luna (future Pope Benedict XI arrived in Migliarelli in September, he ordered to Anna to ask the Lady for a miracle. Anna asked and the Lady said that a miracle would happen in her last visit. In December 12, the girl once again asked for a miracle. The Lady smiled and outstretched her arms. Then, a warm breeze blew in the clearing, making the snow that fell in the last night melt, revealing wildflowers and green grass as it was Spring. The Lady smiled one last time and disappeared.

Anna Forti as a nun of the Order of Divine Mercy

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