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Out of One, Many covers the possible consequences for North American and world history of the disintegration of the United States into several independent countries soon after the American Revolution. The time-line was inspired by the essay "What If Elbridge Gerry Had Been More Rational and Less Patriotic? (1787)", by William H. Riker, published in What If? - Explorations in Social Science Fiction (ed. Nelson W. Polsby, 1982).

The original author of this timeline is Erwin Wodarczak who permitted his timeline to be placed here with Mitro acting as custodian as part of the Save Our Alternate History Project.

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The author has asked that his original work be kept intact, but others may add to it. Thus do not make any changes to the original content without first discussing it on the talk page. You may add to the timeline or create new articles set in the universe, but such additions will only be considered “proposals” until they are approved and accepted as canon. New articles should be marked by the {{Out of One Many}} template, until they are ready for graduation.

See also QSS and QAA.

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