Alternative History

In 1923 the leader of an obscure fascist party in Germany (National Socialist German Workers' Party) called Adolf Hitler was killed during a rebellion called the 'Beer Hall Putsch. Another German then took over from Hitler by the name of [To be entered]. After this, the Party followed the same path as it did in OTL, leading up to a Second World War beginning with Führer [To be entered] heading Germany. During the years that preceded the War involved many different races (such as blacks, gypsies, etc.) being suppressed and in some cases sent of to concentration camps in which they were forced to work for the government. Though surprisingly Jews weren't 'bullied' as it were by the Nazi Party too much and were generally allowed the same rights as any average German.


During the first year of war Nazi Germany had managed to secure Western Poland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. This was deemed a grand success. Though soon afterwards the friendship between Germany and her main ally, Italy soured - This was due to massive arguments between Mussolini and [To be entered] as to what should be done about Greece, while Mussolini wanted to invade it along with Yugoslavia the Führer wouldn't allow him and said that the resources would be better spent for the approaching invasion of the Soviet Union and also to simply help the far-right parties of each of the nations. Eventually Mussolini backed of about this and relented to [To be entered]. Also at Dunkirk the Führer demanded that all remaining forces of Britain and France be destroyed, and that none should be allowed escape from the hands of Germany, and so the BEF was mostly destroyed on the beaches of Dunkirk. After this the Prime Minister of Britain - Edward Halifax called for a Peace Treaty with Germany. The Treaty was harsh on Britain with its African Colonies but mostly let it of many hardships.

The German Invasion of the Soviet Union began in a lightning attack on 22 June, 1941. The forces gained huge ground within the first year of invasion, and the Soviet Union was totally unprepared [largely due to no Winter War, and also the intel from a spy in Japan not making it to Stalin.] The Führer called for an immediate strike towards Moscow, to cripple the heart of the 'Motherland', and from there take the surrounding land. This tactic worked marvelously, and though the siege for Moscow lasted a month the German military eventually took the heart of the Soviet Union, and the plane carrying General Secretary Stalin out of the Capital was shot down luckily by a Messerschmitt Bf 109. This crippled the Soviet resolve and eventually after another 2 years the German military crawled up to the Ural Mountains. At this point the much weaker General Secretary signed a Peace Treaty with Germany, and thus 3 puppet states were set up, while the Reich Commission for the Ostland, Ukraine Reich Commission, Moscow Reich Commission and the Reich Commission for the Caucasus were set up to allow for german migration and also 'Germanization' of the regions.