Owen-Corsair War

Summer, 1984


Winter 1985


Brigand Coast, South Bruce Peninsula


Corsairs severely weakened


Kingdom of Owen FlagKingdom of Owen

No flagCorsair State


King Owen Anwen Prichard

"Captain Silver"




Casualties and Losses



The Corsair-Owen War was a conflict in the Brigand Coast in the 80's.


In the summer of 1986, an Owenite merchant ship (The Phoenix) en route to the Upper Peninsula was held up by a steam paddler. The Phoenix was boarded under threat of violence, and its cargo was stolen. Upon learning of this, King Owen raised a sizable expedition force of commandeered merchant ships, retrofitted with crude weapons. A messenger was dispatched on horseback to Chatham.


An Owenite Merchant Ship

The team surveyed the Brigand Coasts until receiving fire from a stronghold in Tawas City. A naval battle ensued, and the Owenite "fleet" was left badly damaged.

These skirmishes continued for the entire summer as both nations struggled for control of Huron.

Saginaw Bay Incident

A convoy of Kentish traders was passing Saginaw Bay on August 13th of 1985. Owenite ships, mistaking the traders for Corsair smugglers, opened fire on the ships. While some survived, casualties are estimated at around 50. This massacre was PR disaster for Owen, and trade with Kent-Lambton was limited for the next few years. Some speculate that Kentish politicians had been looking for an excuse to embargo the nation, and the SBI offered just that.

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