Pact of Iron
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MottoPeace With Honor
Largest city London
Official languages English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Spanish (Latin American, French
Ethnic groups  German, American, English, Irish, Welsh, Native American, Japanese, Latin American, French
Demonym The Pact, PoI
Type Defensive Alliance
Membership Great Britain, Prussia, the Dutch Republic, the United States of America, Colombia, Texas, the Republic of Central America, France and Japan
Government International Organization
Establishment 1795

All nations allied with America and Britain are part of the Pact of Iron, please post your nation here.

Member Nations

Full Members

  1. Great Britain
  2. France
  3. Dutch Republic
  4. America
  5. Prussia
  6. Japan
  7. Alaskan-Canadian Republic

Junior Members

  • Colombia
  • Republic of Central America

Observer Nations

The Ottoman Empire


Discussion Board

First Official Pact of Iron Conference

Britain: Does any member nation have any issues to present to the Conference that the rest of the Pact could help with?

America: America would like to make Texas an protectorate, due to the large number of people from the US who immigrated there to find land.

Britain: Britain suggests that Texas become a member of the Pact of Iron, but also become an American protectorate, that way if Mexico attacks, the Pact can help Texas and America. Also, why did America not join the Spanish War, Britain is deeply insulted by this occurrence.

America: America apologizes, but by the time the war began, I put my post, and I wasn't allowed to go back and fix it. So when the second year came around, an ceasefire was signed, so I never really got an chance to declare war.

Britain: Britain acknowledges this fact, but still states that you could have Diplomatically joined the war and sent troops, which is why America didn't receive Texas in the treaty, and some British generals still want to have the rest of Louisiana, but these Generals are ordered to respect the treaty, and the Anglo-American membership in the Pact.

America: By the time I got to do my post, the war had practically ended, so many Americans felt that the war was unnecessary.

Britain: Never mind that issue now, what's past is past, and what's done is done. No hard feelings should exist in the Pact, or it could tear this fragile alliance apart. Britain asks for America to help should Canada revolt...

America: If I did, what would be the benefits?

Britain: An end to Anglo-American bitterness and a little something called Newfoundland Island as well as access to British Naval Bases in the Americas for the next 50 years.

American Diplomacy: Okay.

Britain: Britain asks if we can sign a treaty on the game page to finalize this, and we will also put the treaty on this page under the Agreements Section.

America: I say it's bad idea to put on the game, because then the British Canada player would know.

Then we won't put it on the game. I'm going to dinner. Bye guys, until tomorrow. DeanSims 22:28, March 10, 2012 (UTC)

Anglo-American Talks

Britain: So America wants to but back Ohio?

America: Yes, at what price is necessary.? Britain: America has been a good ally, and the entire Ohio territroy will be given to America free of charge in return for America granting all of the Native Americans and people of all races in Ohio citizenship and respecting their ancestral lands.

America: Okay.

Mexican Aggression

Britain: What should we do about Mexican aggression, it has taken over Central America and then attacks Colombia, I have sent several task forces and liberated Colombia and am in the process of liberating Central America. All of Mexico north of OTL's Mexican border as well as Baja California and Veracruz are occupied. Britain calls for the Pact to help stop Mexican aggression.

America: America suggest that we liberate the conquered territories, and make Mexico sign an treaty limiting its military power, as well as some territorial concessions. Also, what should we do about the French, they take over my expand their colonies into mine, and now have landed in North America, isn't that an threat.

Britain: Britain agrees with the American proposal, and with the French, we must confront them together, all 4 of the Pacts embers must confront France. Britain asks for American troops and naval support. Also America will be given the rest of the Louisiana territory for its help in this war.

America: Agree. Mexicans first. French second.

Britain: Britain asks that America use a Diplomatic post responding to Britain's call for Pact support saying that America declares war on Mexico and sends troops and naval support, also, if America helps in this war, all limitations imposed by the treaty ending the War of the 1790's will be lifted and America can expand as it pleases..

Britain: Does America agree to the Empires proposal.?

Second Mexican American War

The Second Mexican War has begun with the British attack on Mexico, following Mexico's aggression, and suggest that the Mexican government becomes an puppet sate of the Pact of Iron, as well as the annexation of some territory to Britain and America (who will join).

America: Yep. Already declared war.

Britain: Im already in, and the British state that this is not for land, and we suggest that Mexico be occupied for several years afterwards to establish a more "friendly" government.


Britain: You must first be admitted into these talks. And you invaded Colombia a few turns ago while I was gone.

Mexico: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE!! I CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britain: Britain offers Mexico a ceasefire leaving all troops where they are to talk of peace, and you'd better reply, because if Mexico does the wrong thing, it's back to rule from Europe.



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