The Federal Parliament is the legislative and constituent body of Padania. The Parliament is a unicameral legislative body composed of the House of the Padanian People. All federal laws must be approved by the Parliament.

House of the Padanian People (Camera del Popolo)

The House of the Padanian People (Camera del Popolo Padano) is elected at universal suffrage by the citizens of the Padania. The Parliament have 100 members, and the house of the Padanian People have the right to veto federal laws, passing the law by ordinary resolution of at least half of its members. The House of the People also, in special cases, have the right to pass:

  • Constitutional laws or regulations limiting the competencies of the federal states.
  • Laws relating to the rights of the Council of Ministers itself.
  • Laws concerning the jurisdiction of the federal states.
  • Constitutional changes, but these require an approval with majority of 2/3 of all votes in House of Padanian People.

The Political Parties of the Parliament

Parliament of Padania

The Parliament at the I Legislature of the Padanian Federal Republic

The political parties of the Padanian Parliament and of course the greatest in Padania are:

  • Padanian Communist Party (Partito Comunista Padano), an anti-fascist party and left-wing party : 30/100
  • Catholic Union (Unione Cattolica) a catholic and a liberal party : 30/100 
  • Lega Nord (Lega Nord) a populist and a rightist party : 40/100