Alternative History
Palmyra offensive (Scotland says "Yes")
Part of the Syrian Civil War and the Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"
Date 9–27 March 2016

(2 weeks and 4 days)

Location Tadmur District, Eastern Homs Governorate, Syria
Result Major Syrian Army victory

•Syrian Army captures Palmyra city and its area


Flag of Syria.svgSyrian Arab Republic

Shi'ite militias

Flag of Iran.svgIran

Flag of Hezbollah.svgHezbollah

Flag of Russia.svgRussia

AQMI Flag asymmetric.svgISIL

The Palmyra offensive (March 2016) was a military operation started by the Syrian Arab Army in a bid to recapture from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant the Syrian city of Tadmur (near the ruins of the ancient city of Palmyra), which was strategically important for both forces due to its position in central Syria.

This offensive has been one of the most recent victories against ISIL, and has seen major government forces gains.