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It is for this reason that we have thought fit to send to you our beloved son Friar Laurence of Portugal and his companions of the Order of Friars Minor, the bearers of this letter, men remarkable for their religious spirit, comely in their virtue and gifted with a knowledge of Holy Scripture, so that following their salutary instructions you may acknowledge Jesus Christ the very Son of God and worship His glorious name by practicing the Christian religion.

—Pope Innocent IV -Letter to the King of The Tartars sent to Guyuck Khan, 1245

States of the Church
Stato della Chiesa
Status Pontificius
Timeline: Knightfall
OTL equivalent: Holy Roman Empire
. 754 - Present
CoA Pontifical States 02.svg
Official languages Latin, Italian, Occitan
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Theocratic absolute elective monarchy
 -  Pope Innocent IV
 -  Establishment 754 
 -  Codification 781 
 -  Treaty of Venice 1177 
Currency Papal States scudo

The States of the Church are the collective properties and courts governed by the Papacy. This term also refers to the Catholic Church by itself. In Medieval Times and in the Tartar Yoke the Catholic Church and by extension the States of the Church were instrumental in protecting the coherency of Western Europe throughout history. The States of the Church have remained through the present due to the strong influence of Catholicism and the Church organization.

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