Timeline: 1822: Brazil split
Flag CoA-Para
Flag Coat of Arms

Sub lege progrediamur
("Under the law we shall progress")

Anthem "National Anthem of Pará"
(and largest city)
Other cities Manaus, Santarém, Marabá, Porto Velho, Parintins
Language Portuguese
Christian (Roman Catholic)
  others Christian (Protestant)
Ethnic Groups
Native Americans
  others Africans, Portuguese, Japanese, German
Demonym Paraense
Government Parliamentary Democracy
Prime Minister Simão Jatene
Area 3,944,782 km²
Population 15,498,886 hab.
Independence from Kingdom of Portugal
  declared Aug 15, 1823
  recognized 1824
Currency Cruzado Paraense (PCZ)
Time Zone UTC+3 (East), UTC+4 (Center), UTC+5 (West)
  summer Not adopted
Calling Code +559
Internet TLD .pa
The Republic of Pará (in Portuguese: República do Pará) is a sovereign state, established in 1823 after the Great Wars of Independence and the splitting of Kingdom of Brazil. It is located in the Northern Region of South America, and comprises the greatest part of Amazon forest.
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