Parallel Brazil is a complex alternate history with many Points of Divergence with the real story. In it, Brazil would have been colonized differently as a result of a divergent Portuguese situation, the influence of some characters, and some environmental divergences. The political and economic autonomy of that timeline's colonial Brazil would lead to several changes in the world's map and history. Nevertheless, the world of Parallel Brazil is, in most aspects, indistinguishable from real world. If you were magically transported to that universe, you would not see much difference.

First of all, I will explain some issues about that parallel universe.

  • The history will be told as if it was a wiki page in that fictional universe. So there will be no reference to our OTL.
  • There are no set Points of Divergence, but a number of different historical events that did alter the story to the situations what I wanted, such as the existence of the Manowan Civilization in the Brazilian Amazon and its Phoenician influence; the coming of Giuliano di Medici to Brazil after 23 years living in Portugal; the existence of plants that I invented like the Propelinum brasiliensis, that will be economically important to the colonial Brazil; and a more tolerant and indifferent regarding to Brazil.
  • That reallity is, in many aspects, exaggerated and unreallistic. You shall not find aliens or magic,, but the exaggeration is exemplified in the absence of plausibility in building cities as grand as Heraclion Aphrodisia and the development of such complex economy in a colonial and mercantilist environment.
  • Most of the images presented are merely for illustrative purposes, not belonging to me. Some images, like the flags of Brazil and the Overseas Trading Company, are designed by me. And some images, like the Brazilian coat of arms, are modified versions of images I found in the web.
  • That alternative history was made purely as a hobby, developed over months, and my intention was to completely change the history of Brazil, without making the history the rest of the world not so different of OTL. Changes in relation to OTL, whether government, economy, or society, do not indicate my political and economic opinions.
  • I'm a brazilian guy, and I'm still learning english. So, you shall find many grammatical error in my writing.
  • As an alternative history of Brazil, most of the information will be concentrated in the page that tells about the Kingdom of the United Provinces of Brazil, the Brazilian State in Parallel Brazil Universe.
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