Alternative History
Parliament of New Caledonia
9th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Unicameral
Governor of New Caledonia Lawrence Prevost
since 5 August 2019
Speaker Roch Wamytan, Labour
since 24 May 2019
Leader of the House Nina Julian, Greens
since 24 May 2019
Manager of Opposition Business Sonia Dos Santos, National
since 24 May 2019
Established 11 May 1985
Members 25
NC Parliament 2021.svg

Political groups
Government (14)
  Labour (7)

  Greens (6)

  CSP (1)

Opposition (6)
  National (6)

Crossbench (5)
  KNL (4)

  OA (1)
Last election 12 May 2019
Next election No later than 11 May 2024
Meeting place
Parliament House, Noumea

The Parliament of New Caledonia is the state legislature of New Caledonia. The unicameral Parliament sits at Parliament House in the state capital of Noumea. It consists of 25 members who are elected using the D'Hondt method for a term of 5 years. These members represent New Caledonia's 5 electoral provinces, with each province returning 5 members to the Parliament. Due to its proportional electoral system, the New Caledonian Parliament is unique among Cygnian legislatures in that coalition governments are the norm.