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Parliamentary America: What if the USA had decided to have a federal multi-party parliamentary system instead of federal multi-party presidential system? There would have been big changes to the elections in the American electoral system such as instead of being elected based on the Electoral College, it would be elected based on the party-list proportional representation.



  • 1804: The Napoleonic Wars erupts.
  • 1815: The Napoleonic Wars ended.
  • 1914: World War I started.
  • 1916: World War I ended earlier than OTL, so the Russian Empire never got overthrown by the Red Army which meant no rise of Communism and no Cold War. Even know Communism will never rise after World War I, Socialists can still rise up in power without the communist influence.






  • 1795: Kingdom of Hawaii was established.
  • 1843: The Paulet affair of the Hawaiian Islands failed to occupy the Kingdom of Hawaii.
  • 1845: Kingdom of Hawaii annexed Midway Atoll and Johnson Atoll as territories of Hawaii.
  • 1859: Kingdom of Hawaii annexed the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
  • 1882: Hawaii attempted to conquer the Gilbert Islands, Jarvis Island, Howland Island and Baker Island, but the conquest was a failure since Europeans already had influence on the Gilbert Islands, while Jarvis Island, Howland Island and Baker Island become part of the United States Minor Outlying Islands.




East Asia
Middle East (West Asia)
Siberia (North Asia)
Southeast Asia
South Asia



North America

Pre-American Revolution
  • 1639: The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were established and it's very different from OTL.
  • 1662: The Charter of Connecticut replaced the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut and it's also very different from OTL as well.
  • 1745: The Charter of Connecticut was later rewritten and they gather around 13 states to gain independence, but Great Britain refused their independence so they can't get their independence and The Charter of Connecticut was eventually burned up and abolished by Great Britain.
After the American Revolution
  • 1788: After the US Constitution was finalized, the government is officially a federal multi-party parliamentary constitutional republic.

South America

Central America


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