Salon Spiele (Parlour Games)
Directed by Marlene Wensing
Written by Marlene Wensing
Starring Marlene Wensing

Anna Lang
Joh Biswanger

Rudolph Helm
Studio DFA (Dortmund Film AG)
Release date(s) 6th June, 2014
Running time 34 mins
Country Imperial City of Dortmund
Language German intertitles

Salon Spiele, Parlour Games is a comedy written, directed and staring Marlene Wensing. It marks the return of Wensing to the industry after her marriage to Rudolph Helm and birth of her first child. It also marks a return to short comedies for DFA Studio after the extremely expensive 6-hour epic Unendlichkeit (Infinity). It is 34 minutes long, itself Wensing's longest film.

Wensing once again plays her alter-ego Saskia as she takes her sister to a parlour to watch a few films. There she disturbs the other members of the audience by losing her belongings, flirting with the ushers and blocking views. Her real-life husband makes a brief cameo as the Parlour's manager co-opted into the chaos in the closing minutes. Eventually the complaining audience overwhelms the manager and ushers, pushing them out of the parlour and into the street, leaving Saskia and her sister to enjoy the films on their own.

The film is innovative in itself as for most of the picture another film (the 2011 film The Crimson Stain) appears to be playing at an angle on the left of the scene. This was achieved by strategic lighting and adding a specially filmed projection in post-production. This allows the shadows of Wensing and her co-stars to be projected onto the 'screen'.

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