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The Battle of Actium was the battle that would decide the future of the world.In it,Octavian,riding on military victories, defeated Mark Antony.However,Antony had a chance to win the battle five years before in 36 BC.Here he attacked the Parthians to late in the campaigning season and was defeated.However,What If he had given up on persuading Octavian that attacking Sextus Pompey was a bad idea and thus won over the Parthians?What If Mark Antony was Marcus Antonius Parthicus,Mark Antony,Victor over the Parthians? What would it be like in a world of Parthicus?This timeline explores that possibility.

Point of Divergence

Mark Antony realizes that trying to convince Octavian to not attack Sextus Pompey is a waste of time. As such,he has much time to prepare to attack Parthia.Thus,he does not put his siege train before his main army and captures Phraaspa.In the peace,two client states are established from Parthian Mesopotamia,Assyria and Babylonia.The lost eagles are also returned and Parthia is forced into an alliance with Antony,who establishes an alliance with Media for good measure.


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