Alternative History

Logo.png This alternate history related article is a stub. Please add suggestions on the talk page.The oddly-named Parti Monarchical-Democratique is the second largest party in the Texan state of Nouvelle-Louisianne. The peculiar name is derived from the fact that it originated as a merger of two former parties, the Parti Monarchical and the Parti Democratique.

The current head of the party is Georges-Herman Dubois, first Unitary President of the Federation, and one time President from Nouvelle-Louisianne.

The PMD's major positions are

  • Decentralization of the Federation
  • Establishment of Marie II of Arkansas as Queen of Nouvelle-Louisianne
  • Strengthening of social welfare programs
  • Peaceful securing of border with Mexico
  • Withdrawal from the North American Currency Union and re-establishment of Texan Peso (note: some factions advocate further monetary decentralization, proposing the establishment of state currencies)