Alternative History


During the Allied Sicilian Campaign of World War II, General Patton falls ill, preventing the infirmary-slapping scandal from ever taking place. He is thus never relieved of duty, and not reinstated as a decoy for Operation Fortitude, which never takes place, radically affecting the outcome of World War II. Though the Allies manage a victory, a heightened Red Scare leads to an even more tense Cold War that quickly heats up.

Without a decoy army to fool the Axis Powers, the invasion of Normandy fails catastrophically. In wake of the defeat, Dwight Eisenhower is deposed, and Patton assumes full command of the Western Theatre. Operation Undercroft is launched, invading Germany directly. With the high death toll of allied soldiers, Axis morale remains high, and Hitler never commits suicide, only to marry Eva Braun and find asylum in Japan. Berlin falls to American forces, and Japan falls to Soviet armies in 1944, preventing Harry S. Truman from becoming President early enough to attack Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons.

Hitler, along with the rest of the war criminals, is instead sentenced to death at the Nuremberg Trials. Mao Zedong rises to power in China, but does not place pressure on Korea until 1953.

Stirring up a decidedly anti-Communist campaign, General Patton successfully claims the Republican nomination in 1952. He defeats Adlai Stevenson, and ushers in a new, earlier conservative movement, changing the future of America.

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