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Paul Robeson
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Paul Robeson
Portrait of Paul Robeson

33rd President Of the United States

Predecessor Robert Taft
Successor Joseph P. Kennedy
Vice President Joseph P. Kennedy
Born April 9, 1898
Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Died January 23, 1958
Political Party Liberal
Profession Athlete, Actor, Singer, and Politician

Paul LeRoy Bustill Robeson (born April 9, 1898) was the 33rd President of the United States of America and the nations first, and to date, only African-American President. After starring in numerous Broadway musicals and films, Robeson's aspirations turned political. He was eventually elected governor of New Jersey and and later he was elected President in 1952. As President he is best known for his enlarging the Social Security program, as well as numerous other social programs.

In early 1956 he shocked the world when he suddenly announced he would not run for re-election, citing health reasons, and in 1958, at age 60, Robeson finally lost a near two year battle with lung cancer.