Pavlo Skoropadsky III
1st Hetman of Ukraine
Assumed office
April 29, 1918 (1918-04-29)
Preceded by post established
Personal details
Born May 3, 1873(1873-05-03)
Wiesbaden,German Empire
Nationality Ukrainan
Political party Майбутнє України!
Spouse(s) Oleksandra Skoropadska
Children Danylo Skoropadskyi
Residence Kiev Palace,Kiev,Ukraine
Occupation Hetman of Ukraine
Signature Pavlo Skoropadskyi (From Austria with Love)'s signature

Pavlo Skoropadsky III is an Ukrainan Aristocrat,Decorated imperial Russian army general of cossack heritage and the current hetman of the hetmanate of Ukraine.


Pavlo Skoropadsky was born into the Skoropadsky family of ukrainian military leaders and statesmen which had ruled ukraine during the 17th century.Pavlo's father Petro Ivanovych was also a descendant of the Tarnovsky family, while Pavlo's mother was a descendant of Miklashewsky and Olsufiev families.

Military Career

Pavlo graduated from the Russian page corps military academy in 1893 and was assigned as a second lietenunt in the chevalier guard regiment where he was given command of a squadron.After having served there for two years he was assigned a duty as the regimental adjuntant in the same late 1897 he was promoted to the rank of first lietenunt.Also that year Pavlo married Aleksandra Petrovna Durnovom who was a daugther of the General governor of Moscow.

His first major assignment occured during the Russo-japanease war,in which he was assigned a company commander of the 2nd Chita cossack regiment of the Trans-Balkan cossack host.Later on,He became an adjuntant to the commander on the Far East General Nikolay Linevich.During this war he was awarded his first medal,The George`s weapon. in late december 1905,Tsar Nicholas II promoted him to the rank of colonol after having distinguished himself duing the war. On the 4th september 1910 he was commisioned as the commander of the 20th Finnish dragoon regiment.In 1911 he was reassigned to the Elite leib-guard cavalery which was tasked with protecting the emperor.

After the outbreak of World War I,Skoropadsky was put in charge of the newly reorganized 1st brigade of the 1st cavalery guards division as part of the 1st army which was commanded by general Paul Von Rennenkamf.Paul von Rennenkamp and Skoropadsky had previusly worked during the Russo-Japanease war.During the Russian invasion of East Prussia,Skoropadskys unit distuingishied itself with battles near Kraupishken.Later on,he was appointed as a commande rof the United cavalery guard which took part in the battle of Kaushen.During this battle,he was promoted to Lietenenent General and was given command of the 5th cavalery division. in 1917 he was assigned as commander of the 34th army corps which was later transformed into the 1st Ukrainan corps.During this time he was awarded the honorary title of Onaman.

Political life

After having been elected to the office of Hetman,a coup de tat deposed the Ukrainan Peoples republic after which Skoropadsky formally began his term as Hetman of Ukraine and appointed his son Danylo Skoropadsky as prime minister of Ukraine.The coup had been sanctioned by the Danubian Federation´s armed forces which had occupied parts of ukraine in the spring of 1918 to protect them from the advancing bolshevik exch

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