Alternative History

Morgen die ganze Welt spinoff

January 5 1995 
Arlington, Virginia

Knowing that the completion of the German AI is near, the CIA unleash a computer virus that is designed to wipe clean ALL programmes in the infected software. The virus was designed with the help of Korea, Brazil and Japan, and is nicknamed. The virus is transmitted to the Nazi central SS database that causes all the files to be wiped and causes all the main computers to crash as well as the AI programme to collapse. The Police state system collapses in hours. Resistance members are told by informants that Germany is at her weakest. to prevent massive retaliation, the virus cripples the nuclear arsenal of all ACP members and disables the Von Braun Stations, reducing them to massive hunks of metal in space. The Chinese hold back in a secret pact with the Americans. The Führer yells at President Bush, who calmly denies any involvement in the outbreak. The Virus is spreading so fast not even the Koreans predicted this rate of transmission. The Virus is transmitted via E-mails.

6 January 1995

The virus spreads to the Berlin Stock Market, which causes the share prices to tank. In NYC, German owned stocks also fold. Resistance movements get wind of this and begin to attack in the open. The Secret police are powerless as all their intel was wiped in the original epidemic. Riots break out in Berlin. The slaves begin revolting. As a result, massive revolutions begin taking place in the ACP.  

January 7 1995
Berlin, Germany

The Third Reich is officially dissolved.

January 8 1995 
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld gets together with Dick Cheney, Hawaii governor George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Senator Vladimir Putin for Alaska (whose parents fled to America in the Great Diaspora), John McCain, Ron Paul (Congressman for Hawai'i ATL) and lay the foundations for Project for the New American Century or PftNAC. They begin by discussing the fall of the Third Reich and its ramifications for both America and the world. PNAC comes to the conclusion that Pax Americana is the best possible outcome and they agree to maintain it by any means necessary. Their view of the Cold War is that of a continuation of WW2, and that "the war is finally over", and they must prepare for the inevitable World War 3.

January 29 1995 
Washington D.C., USA

President Bush, in his state of the union, says "this is an uncertain world. The United States of America is the world's only superpower. As the Third Reich crumbles into the ashtray of history, we must guide the world through the most turbulent time in its history. The mantle of the world's policeman has been thrust upon us. We must take up that mantle and fulfill our duty as best as possible." Bush realises that his successor will have to take up that mantle as he is in his final term.

June 30 1995 
Vancouver, Cascadia, USA

the GOP Iowa Caucus takes place. Putin takes 2nd, behind Tom Tancredo, while Bill Clinton takes the lead.

February 6 1996 
Roswell, Arizona

Putin and Tancredo take the lead in Super Tuesday. Bob Dole drops out as well as George W Bush and Dick Cheney.

August 26 1996 
New York City, USA

The Dow Jones reaches 20,000 points.

August 27 1996 
New Tenochtitlan, USA

Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas is the Democratic nominee at New Tenochtitlan (formerly Mexico City).

August 29 1996 
Toronto, Ontario, USA

Senator Vladimir Putin is confirmed as the Republican nominee at the RNC and his running mate is George W Bush.

November 4 1996 
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Senator Vladimir Putin is confirmed as the 43rd President of the United States in a landslide with his running mate Governor Bush, saying "America needs a new president to guide it through turbulent waters." Key states included Illinois, Southern Mexico, Florida the West coast and his home state of Alaska (mainly because of the large Slavic communities in those states). There are massive street parties across North America.

January 20 1997, noon 
Washington D.C.

President-Elect Vladimir Putin is sworn in as president.

January 27 1997 
Washington D.C.

Putin's first state of the Union calls for US vigilance in the face of the unknown "as it cannot and must not lower its guard in this time of uncertainty."

March 7 1997 
USMC Goddard Space Station

Vladimir Putin becomes the first US president to enter space. he gives a speech about military preparedness to the marines stationed there. The space station thunders with applause.

March 12 1997 
United States Colonial Administrative Region of Olympus

Putin arrives on a colonial outpost.

March 25 1997 
Washington DC

Putin signs a bill allowing privatization of several Asteroids for mining. Halliburton begin building Space stations for mining purposes. This leads to an economic boom in America.

April 8 1997 

Genocide begins to take place on Rwanda between the Tutsis and the Hutus. This is the first case for the "World's Policeman". several Thousand US marines drop in from USS Lewis space station and seize the capital. As a result of the successful halt of the Genocide, Putin's approval ratings soar to 80%. PNAC see this as a "baptism of fire" in the Era of Pax Americana. In response to accusations of being imperialist, Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney says "Would you rather have had the Third Reich as the Sole superpower?"

March 5 1998 
Addis ababa

President Putin meets with Emperor Ahma of Ethiopia to solidify the alliance between the two countries. Ethiopia also receives a large amount of aid as well as new nuclear power stations. The nuclear agreement is solidified in Congress a few days later

November 6 1999 

General Pervez Musharraf of the Indian Army begins a Coup D'etat. He speeds up the space programme with a man on Mars by 2004.

December 31 1999 
Washington DC

The World awaits a millennium and begins to adjust to the USA being the hyperpower of the world. There is a brief scare over a supposed computer bug called the Y2K problem. But there are no problems as the new millennium arrives.

November 4 2000 
Washington D.C

Putin/Bush win a second term with a 60% Majority of the votes over Mike Gravel/Hillary Clinton.

August 9 2001 
Arlington Virginia

The CIA receive reports of a massive amount of money going to an unknown source. They heighten security on the Mars and moon colonies and US Space command is set up.

September 10 2001 
Washington D.C.

Putin signs a bill that approves nuclear weapons reduction of 50% by 2010.