1. I've decided to create a new map game, and try to make it more interesting.
  2. There are no complete rules, but everything must be realistic.
  3. The starting year is 1939.
  4. You can create a new nation, and it will have either all modern technologies, or it can be third-world nation, if you choose so.
  5. The map is one big island with three small islands.
  6. Only I shall declare the next turn.
  7. You don't need to sign up, but if you do something unrealistic, you will face consequences of not following the rules of the game.
  8. If you want to add a plan of your city, with streets, etc., add it near your turn's summary.
  9. If you have a question, post it on the talk page.
  10. You shall use algorithm from Principia Moderni for now, or just use common sense until we make our own algorithm.

Notes for newcomers

  • These islands are located not far from the Japan and Guam.


The mod ratio shall be 1:2, and mod can be whoever is approved by me. Max mod amount: 5. Current mods:

  1. Doctor261 (Head Moderator, mapmaker)
  2. 9_もりや_すわこ (Moderator)

Current Map

The World1940Feb12

The islands in 1940, February 15th.

  • Red Colour - New Lorencia - Doctor261
  • Blue Colour - Kōriyama-koku
  • Yellow Colour -America-Enclavehunter
  • Green Colour - The People's Republic of South Folegandros VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!)
  • Pink Colour -
  • Orange Colour -
  • Indigo Colour -

1939, January 0/2

  • New Lorencia is founded. The president is Lucius Delorius, and he renames the island to the name of "Lorencian Island". New Lorencia is a modern country, with a high level educated people. The leading etchic group is germans and french. The National language is English. The capital of New Lorencia is "San Lore".
  • Kōriyama-koku (Japanese:郡山共和国) is established on the smallest island (thats on the map). It's Prime Minister is Tadashi Tanaka. Kōriyama-koku is also a modern country, and has a lot of educated people as well. Most of the population is Japanese and Korean; main religion is Shinto, Buddhism, and Taoism; and main languages are both Japanese and Korean, though there are other spoken languages as well. The capital of Kōriyama-koku is Kitasendai (Japanese:北仙台).
  • New Lorencia sends a request from Koriyama-koku, to send them 5000 kg of food, because the country is currently starving because of the lack of farms.
  • Kōriyama-koku sends New Lorencia 5'500 kg of food to help.
  • Professor Clemenso, currently living in non-colonized south-western part of the big island creates a temperature map for the area, for the Summer:
  • America is founded on the southern tip of the island, and it's capital is called New Hunter; it's is a poor country and it has very few farms.
The World - Temperature


1939, January 1/2

  • New Lorencia offers Kōriyama-koku a non-aggression pact as well as gift of 2000 tons of bronze.
  • Kōriyama-koku agrees to the non-aggression pact and thanks them for the gift. In return, Kōriyama-koku sends them 1000 kg of popular Japanese Deep-fried dishes and donates 5,000,000,000 Yen.
  • The Americans continue to build small farms and establishes an city wall around New Hunter, to protect from aggressors. President Hunter orders an small research team to be put together and he's orders them to find out how to build irrigation, so they can expand northward and away from the water.

1939, February 0/2

  • New Lorencia has built a Fort Dautson, which is the biggest fort currently built in New Lorencia.
  • NL Research: Professor Dauertwort has proposed the following names for the islands: Northern small island - Kouphonissi, eastern island - Astypalaia, southern island - New Romvi, western big island - Folegandros. New Lorencia proposes this suggestion for Koriyama-koku, and only after their signature, this suggestion will be geographically approved.
  • Kōriyama-koku would like the island that they are on (the northern island) to be called Kitakatori (Japanese:北香取) if it's okay; other than that they agree on the other names of the other islands.
  • New Lorencia agrees with Kōriyama-koku and forms a following map:
The World - Island Names
  • America sends an detachment of soldiers northward and increase the territory, they establish an series of bunkers called the Defensive Line, and wait for the courier to be sent back to New Hunter.

1939, February 1/2

  • New Lorencia begins colonizing to the west, sending 50,000 experienced colonizers.
  • Kōriyama-koku improves on infrastructure a bit, and builds a new harbour on the far east side of the nation.
  • America sends settlers and farmers north, where an small city called Howard established; followed by another small town called Shady Sands is established. Researchers figure out how to irrigate, so they begin an project of an series of water purifiers and pipes, this project allows for increase in farms north of the sea.

1939, March 0/2

  • New Lorencia begins a massive soldier recruitment and continues to expand to the west.
  • Kōriyama-koku asks Japan and Thailand for an economic and trade alliance. Meanwhile, a ship or two is beginning construction.
    • Japan and Thailand accept an economic and trade alliance.
  • The American build an three forts along their northern border and one next to the capital. These forts are: Fort H, Fort L, and Fort C; the one on the sea is named Fort Y. The Enclave begin to research on how to develop frigates and destroyers to protect them from any aggressor by the sea.

1939, March 1/2

  • New Lorencia begins construction of coastal forts along the coast of their nation. The construction would take 2 months. New Lorencia asks The Third Reich to join the Axis, and hereby gets accepted.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues construction on the two ships; and improves infrastructure a bit.
  • America create more farms and build two roads leading from the capital: one goes to Howard, and the other goes to Shady Sands. They've built two fast sloops and three fishing vessels.

1939, April 0/2

  • The Third Reich begins influencing Kōriyama-koku to join the Axis Powers, while Great Britain begins influencing them to join the Allies.
  • Tadashi Tanaka, Prime Minister of Kōriyama-koku, introduces the 'Neutral Policy' proclaiming their neutrality. However, Tadashi Tanaka arranges a secret meeting with Great Britain saying that they will join the allies.
  • The Americans increases its army from 1000 to 5000 and equip them with bolt-action rifles and hand grenades. These troops are dispersed between the three forts and the new camp called Camp Woof.

​1939, April 1/2

A volcano eruption begins in New Romvi. It is very hard to see anything in the skies. Planes are heard, but can not be identified.

  • New Lorencia keeps building new towns and extending to the west.
  • Kōriyama-koku finishes construction the two ships; and more boats are built and infrastructure is a bit improved, as well as the roads.
  • President Hunter orders an research team to develop submachine guns and anti-tank weapons. They also build more roads, connecting Camp Woof, Fort H, Fort L, Fort C, and Fort Y. The American Defense Force is mobilized and is order to keep people from looting and other disastrous acts.
    • New Lorencia offers America 5000 kg of banana seeds to invest to their future.
    • America accepts New Lorencia's offer and the seeds are placed into storage until the ash from the volcanic eruption will clear.

1939, May 0/2

The vulcano ashes can still be seen and are still affecting the islands, but now the planes can be seen. It seems to be military planes, but they do not have any signs on it. They may be espionage planes.

  • Kōriyama-koku halts their construction until the ashes have passed by; and a storm watch is also issued as the volcanic ashes may also produce lightning.
  • America is still under martial law and the residents of the country are ordered to stay indoors and wait until the ash clears or rations from the military begin arriving to each household. Two deaths, both seniors, have been reported in the colony due to inhaling ash. An earthquake warning has been put out to the locals of the New Hunter, Shady Sands, and Howard.
  • New Lorencia has done nothing against the volcano, which resulted in a death of over 1000 citizens. New Lorencia keeps training their soldiers on such conditions. None of them have died from volcano ashes yet.

1939, May 1/2

Volcanic ash is now completely gone. They benefit to be a good bonus for farming and gardening. Planes are no longer flying around the islands. Japan begins influencing America to join Axis Powers.

  • Kōriyama-koku lifts away the storm watch and construction on more boats go again. Another large ship is also being built.
  • Martial law has been lifted in America and troops are sent back to their bases. Farming and construction continues and an cemetery is created outside of the town of New Hunter, where two people are buried. An banana farm is created outside of Shady Sands and plant the seeds that was given to them by New Lorencia. President Hunter addresses the people in the city plaza saying that America will remain neutral in any conflict, and if invaded by either the Axis, or another country, they will fight to the last man, woman, and child.
  • New Lorencia sends 1000 of their troops to Germany to make them Gestapo Officer-Trained and get back to build many Gestapo HQs. This will take one month.

1939, June 0/2

You could see many Japanese planes flying around, but they do not bring any hostilities to these islands. Also, drought spreads in New Romvi. Many of the people living in there migrate to America.

  • Kōriyama-koku begins to build 25 planes. The large ship is still under construction, and a few more boats are also built.
  • New Lorencia begins building an airfield in their capital and moves 500 soldiers to the west to expand their borders and terminate the life of people who do not support this kind of movement, since colonizing is not a very modern term in 1939.
  • President Hunter orders the construction of Romitown for the people migrating from New Romvi to America. 200 American troops move nothward, expanding the borders of America.

1939, June 1/2

The volcano in Romvi activates again, covering the islands with smoke and ashes. The forests in New Romvi begin to burn, the cities begin to burn, people begin to burn. The ones who escape on boat or just by swimming, they swim to America asking for aid. Over 5000 people move to America.

  • New Lorencia has finished the training of Gestapo Officers and 11 Gestapo HQs are build in New Lorencia.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues construction on the planes and the large ship, and also issue another storm watch.
  • American is put under martial law again. The refugees from Romvi are put into shelters and hospitals; National Guard troops are deployed to keep order. Seventy more people, mostly refugees from Romvi, die from breathing in ash and carbon dioxide. President Hunter meets with his staff and tells them that when the ash clears, 1,000 American troops will land on Romvi to help with disaster relief.

1939, July 0/2

No major events happen during the period of July 1-15.

  • Kōriyama-koku continues construction on the planes and the large ship; and has also lifted the storm watch.
  • New Lorencia invites Koriyama-koku to their capital military HQ to see how Jewish society is well-treated in New Lorencia (which is shown to be very well, on TV). New Lorencia is trying to prove that it is a peaceful nation.
  • America lifts martial law. The refugees from New Romvi are moved into Romvitown. America learns how to create anti-tank weapons and hand grenades.

1939, July 1/2

The Third Reich comes to visit America, to show their "good" plans for American president. The plans state that the point of Germany is to unite the world into one alliance and make international peace. The Third Reich is also known for Anschluss, but Germany states that it was the same reason - to unify the world. A massive storm begins in New Remvi.

  • Kōriyama-koku continues construction on the planes and the large ship; and re-inserts the storm watch once again. Prime Minister Tadashi Tanaka passes a law that lets its citizens have equal rights for all, and in a secret meeting, she asks Great Britain for an alliance.
    • Great Britain accepts Koriyama-koku as their alliance and offers them to join the Allies.
    • Kōriyama-koku accepts the offer and joins the Allies.
  • America sends out ally request to Japan, USA, the Third Reich, and Britain. This was a plan that President Hunter think would work, because if America is under the protection of all of the warring nations, she won't have to worry about invasion.
    • Using Doctor261 13:19, November 9, 2011 (UTC)
    • Japan (8): Accepts the Alliance
    • USA (5): Denies the Alliance
    • Great Britain (2) vs Third Reich (6): Third Reich agrees, Great Britain denies.
    • ^ These are the formal alliances, not Axis/Allies etc.
  • New Lorencia invites Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Tadashi Tanaka, American President to the military parade in their capital (Joseph Stalin denies the invitation (historically Adolf and Stalin never met, so I want to keep it here)). The most modern military technologies will be shown there, developed by Third Reich and New Lorencia. New Lorencia will show their newly made SMG Lorencian Type 1. The parade will happen in 1939, August 1st.

1939, August 0/2

The military parade in New Lorencia begins. Sign here if you have decided to come:

  1. New Lorencia Doctor261
  2. The Third Reich <signed>
  • Kōriyama-koku continues construction on the planes and the large ship; and re-dismisses the storm watch once again. Prime Minister Tadashi Tanaka passes another law that allows any citizens in Kōriyama-koku to vote in any type of election, regardless of ethnicity, race, etc.
  • New Lorencia builds their first concentration camp, 5km to the west of their capital. The parade was cancelled due to the bad weather.
  • America builds an series of forts along the northern border of the country. Research teams begin to design how to build tanks.

1939, August 1/2

  • New Lorencia begins discussing the plans with The Third Reich of polish invasion.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues construction on the planes and the large ship.
  • President Hunter dies of an heart attack. His successor, President Eden, turns the democracy into an dictatorship.

1939, September 0/2

The Third Reich invades Poland. The Second World War begins. The last days are left until the final decision of country leaders, will they stay in their factions or not. Great Britain and France declares war on Germany, but does not attack it yet.

  • New Lorencia sends some elite troops to the Europe to assist Germany in the Western Front and Fall Gelb plan.
  • America sends 1500 troops to assist Germany on the Western Front. Rifles are beginning to be mass produced and distributed among the population.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues construction on the planes and the large ship. Prime Minister Tadashi Tanaka secretly sends 1000 military people to Great Britain and prepares to assist/help the UK as well. And like the UK and France, Prime Minister Tadashi Tanaka orders her military to not attack yet.

1939, September 1/2

Fascist Italy begins an invasion of France. Germany also assists them in their front, but does not start the battles at the Maginot Line. The Third Reich invites America to the Axis Powers, while Allies send supplies to Kōriyama-koku to prepare for the war against New Lorencia and other Axis Powers.

  • New Lorencia begins building coastal and land forts within their territory.
    • America ask New Lorencia for an alliance and trade agreement.
    • America automatically becomes an ally of New Lorencia after joining Axis. New Lorencia proudly welcomes them.
  • A ship carrying Soviet Political prisoners goes off course and sinks, the surviving people wash up on the beaches of South Folegandros and they meet a small tribe of natives who the Soviet prisoners join, and they declare the small peninsula they landed on and subsequently took over, the People's Republic of South Folegandros. The PRSF begins to mix with the native population to boost the population and the resources on hand to the PRSF are spread equally amongst this infantile population, as the former Soviet prisoners vow to create a true communist republic for the masses.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes, and the large ship is finally finishes. More ships are put in construction. Kōriyama-koku also secretly begins to build up their military in preparation to fight against the Axis Powers.
  • America increases military alert. The newly researched tanks begin coming off the assembly lines. Fighters and bombers also begin to come off the assembly line, but in small numbers. America joins the Axis and recalls its 1500 men home to defend America from the allies.

1939, October 0/2

The Third Reich has finishes the Invasion of Poland, annexing all their land. They move most of their troops to the west, to finally start the battles at the Western Front and break the Maginot Line.

  • New Lorencia mobilizes their army and begins a massive recruitment of it. They also continue building coastal defences.
  • America begins building anti-aircraft across its nation. The American army moves northward, occupying and annexing more land.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, and begins building at least three aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military.
  • People's Republic of South Folegandros finishes expanding territorially, and the people start making farms across the republic in order to grow enough food for the population.

1939, October 1/2

A heavy sand storm is at New Romvi. People are leaving to America.

  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, and begins building at least three aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military.
  • PRSF: Farms are continued to be built across the land. Several Soviets are also set up in the major settlement areas in the PRSF.
  • America: People from New Romvi are moved into the town built for the people from the past disasters. The army builds more anti-aircraft guns and submarines begin rolling off the assembly lines.

1939, November 0/2

Third Reich declares war on Denmark and invades it.

  • New Lorencia sends their troop support to Third Reich.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, 3 aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military. Prime Minister Tadashi Tanaka sends another 1000 military people to help aid France just in case.
  • America builds more submarines and more cruisers. Bombers are being produced and rolled off the assembly line.
  • PRSF: The nation becomes self sufficient in food production and the food distribution program of the nation is finalized. All of the people in the PRSF need never go hungry again!

1939, November 1/2

​The Third Reich has finished dealing with Denmark, and declares it a puppet state of theirs. Third Reich invades Belgium Sector(Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg).

  • New Lorencia begins a massive recruitment of their troops and signs the Pact of Neutrality, stating that they will not go in war against Allies, unless declared war on. They also ask Third Reich not to attack Belgium Sector.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, 3 aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military.
  • America begins strengthening its borders and produces more ships.
  • PRSF: A football league is started in the country.

1939, December 0/2

The Third Reich offers a secret treaty for New Lorencia, America, PRSF and Koriyama-koku(if they will leave Allies), to support them in the invasion of Switzerland, where it will be split into four parts, and will be governed by New Lorencia(Southern Switzerland), America(Western Switzerland), PRSF(Eastern Switzerland), Koriyama-koku(Northern Switzerland).

  • New Lorencia accepts the offer of Third Reich and encourages Koriyama-koku to join Third Reich's alliance.
  • PRSF: The PRSF accept the alliance with the Reich, and create the People's Republic of East Switzerland (PRES). An alliance with the USSR is also formed, as the PRSF vow to make World communism a reality.

German proposal of splitting Switzerland.

  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, 3 aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military. Prime Minister Tadashi Tanaka declines the offer and sticks with the Allied side; and she also increases border security as well as building defence systems around the island.
  • The Third Reich proposes another map, when Koriyama-koku declines the opportunity.

Second Proposed Map by Third Reich.

  • The PRSF are okay with this.
  • America accepts the offer. More anti-aircraft guns are built on the northern border and along the coast. Heavy artillery is positioned on all landable beaches with in the territory.

1939, December 1/2

On the night of December 25th, Third Reich invades Switzerland and France. Italy declares their neutrality in this, but when they are invaded by french troops in their borders, Italy joins the war and begins the attacks of France.

Just a side note. I've voided the Switzerland part, so peaceful democracy continues ^.^ Doctor261 05:37, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, three aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tadashi Tanaka also secretly asks for an Alliance and trade agreement with Australia and New Zealand.
  • New Lorencia relocates their capital in Southern Switzerland. They take control of the swiss army which was in the southern Switzerland before declaration of war.
  • PRSF: The PRSF's brand of communism finds admiration in the USSR, and the PRSF & some dissatisfied officials of the USSR begin a plot to take full control of the Party Committee and take over the USSR.
  • America: America begins building more tanks and submarines, while its navy is equipped with battleships.

1940, January 0/2

A storm raises in New Romvi.

  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, 3 aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military. A storm watch is also issued.
  • America expands northward and annex's the land.
  • New Lorencia expands their borders north-west by the coastline, establishing new cities of Barlingdoor, Pinea, New Maskot, Dertoit.

1940, January 1/2

  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, 3 aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military. A storm watch is lifted.
  • America continues expanding northward and is almost five hundred miles away from the ocean.
  • New Lorencia continues to build up the coastal defences.

1940, February 0/2

  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, three aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military.
  • New Lorencia establishes the towns of Al'Karith and Hoover Man.
  • America absorbs and annexes the remainder of the island. Anti-aircraft guns are built on the newly annexed land, followed by fortifications.

1940, February 1/2

  • New Lorencia declares the non-communist area of Falangaros, as their own territory. They begin negotiations with PRSF to decide if this seems fair to them.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, three aircraft carriers; and also continues to build up their military.
  • America continues to build defenses.

1940, March 0/2

  • New Lorencia has fully changed. The Führer was killed in a civil war, which was going for only 2 days. Concentration camps are burned, people are free. The state is now belonging to King Arthur The First (Arthur I). New Lorencia leaves the Axis Powers straight away and declares their neutrality in WW2.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, and continues to build up their military. The 3 aircraft carriers are finally completed.
  • America follows New Lorencia and leaves the Axis Powers and declares no side.

1940, March 1/2

  • New Lorencia issues an aid of $2000 for every citizen of New Lorencia, who has been in concentration camp, during Nacionalist New Lorencia.
  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, and continues to build up their military.
  • America switches back to civilian production and begins building civilian clothes and goods.

1940, April 0/2

  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, and continues to build up their military. Soon, a few scientists go on their expedition of Antarctica to study the area.
  • America builds more civilian stuff and ask New Lorencia for a ferry system between the two countries.
  • New Lorencia agrees to form a ferry system between America and New Lorencia. They also put all their soldiers into reserves, as a sign of peaceful nation. Recruitment of army is also halted. Police officer recruitment and training is now getting upgraded.

1940, April 1/2

  • Kōriyama-koku continues to build planes and ships, and continues to build up their military. The scientists continue their expedition and studies in Antarctica.
  • New Lorencia suggest Three-Country Pact, which is a non-aggression pact between Koriyama-koku, New Lorencia and America. The pact also suggests creating Triplite Union, which will have several referend will be held, regarding the Economy, Military and Environment questions.
  • America begins building towns in the northern territory and roads to connect them. The Americans begin to build the American side of the ferry.

1940, May 0/2

  • The PRSF, USSR, West Switzerland, and lots of other different communist countries & groups declare "permanent revolution" to be the way forward. They all put aside their differences & all these countries & groups declare war on the non communist countries and the nations try to unify the world under the communist banner so that world communism will be achieved faster and easier.
    • Just so you know, the Switzerland invasion was made invalid so there was no invasion Switzerland; see side note on 1939 December 1/2 -Kogasa Symbol of Natori, Miyagi宮城県Flag of Japan
  • Kōriyama-koku: continues to build planes and ships, and continues to build up their military. The scientists continue their expedition and studies in Antarctica.
  • America request an alliance between Koriyama-koku and America, as well as a ferry system.
    • Kōriyama-koku diplomacy Prime Minister Tadashi Tanaka accepts America's offer of alliance and ferry system.
  • New Lorencia is still offering Three-Country Pact to America and Koriyama-koku.
    • ​America accepts.
    • Kōriyama-koku diplomacy Prime Minister Tadashi Tanaka thinks about this for a while, and eventually, she accepts to New Lorencia's offer.

1940, May 1/2

  • Kōriyama-koku: continues to build planes and ships, and continues to build up their military. The scientists come back from their expedition and studies in Antarctica and have brought with them a lot of notes and information to study about.
  • New Lorencia builds 50 bombs and destroys the world and this map game. Therefore, you can't read this because you're dead. Anyway. Thanks for helping me find out what minuses I made and I'll keep it for my future references when the time will come for me to make a map game with custom islands. For now. Game closed.
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