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Pelk is the oldest known Hobbit state located on OTL's Corvo Island; those who settled it are by archaeological evidence believed to have migrated from what OTL knows as Flores Island approximately 180,000 years ago. Pelk has been, compared to states on larger land masses such as OTL's Asia and Australia, primitive. Life has been tribal with a council of elders centered at OTL's Caldeirão with farm lands surrounding the council hall in the great lake at the center of the crater. The Pelks share much in common with other Oceanite cultures and due to their small size have made efficient use of their island's resources with fishing being the most dangerous of profession on the island. Like other Oceanites the Pelks utilize Canoemarans for this endeavor with mollusks making up a portion of the population's diet. Legends tell of great voyages and sea beasts and recent study suggests that Pelk was instrumental in developing central concepts of Oceanite culture such as the prominent use of the Canoemaran.

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