Alternative History
Province of Pensacola
Capital Pensacola
Other major cities Mobile, Biloxi
Establishment 1809 (by Misuri)

Pensacola is a province in the North American Confederation, the NAC's only province on the Gulf Coast. It borders the Kingdom of Arkansas to the west, the Kingdom of Florida and the Province of Williamsland to the east, and the Creek and Choctaw Nations (both NAC members) to the north.


Pensacola originated as part of the Spanish territory of Florida. During the Second Global War, it was captured by the Japanese, who created a new Province of Pensacola (Pensakola no kuni) in order to give Misuri a coastline. It was captured by the North Americans shortly there after, and incorporated as a new British province of Pensacola, becoming a founding member of the NAC.

It grew in importance during the Slavery War, as it was the only part in the rebellious southern provinces not blockaded by the national government. Its ports, particularly Pensacola City and Mobile, became crucial supply lines for the rebels, with merchant ships travelling through the Yucatán Channel and into the Caribbean. It was also one of the few provinces not directly impacted by the war, surrendering to NAC forces before they even reached the borders.