People's Republic of North America
Northamerica map highlight prna
Official languages English, Russian
Capital Vancouver
Largest Cities Calgary: 1,100,000
Seattle: 700,000
Vancouver: 600,000
New Omsk: 600,000
Population 23,500,000
Nation formed Granted Independence from Soviet Union in 1993
Currency Soviet Ruble (SUR) and People's Dollar (PRD)
'Premier'and General Secretary Comrade Ken Rauch
Our Timeline Equivalent British Columbia, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Alberta, parts of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, Washington, Oregon, Alaska

The People's Republic of North America was formed following the Soviet invasion of the North American continent in 1956 and the subsequent establishment of the Soviet North American Occupied Zone (SNAOZ) following the Treaty of Bern in 1963. The PRNA was officially granted independence and proclaimed a sovereign state on the 30th anniversary of the treaty's signing, although it remains in essence a Soviet puppet state to this day.

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