Repubblica Popolare d'Umbria
People's Republic of Umbria
Timeline: 1861: Historical Failing
Preceded by 1945-1989 Succeeded by
Bastianini Government Umbria
Flag of the People's Republic of Umbria
Flag of Umbria

Proletari di tutti i paesi, unitevi! (Italian)
("Workers of the world, unite!")

Anthem "The Internationale"
(and largest city)
Language Italian
Religion State atheism
Government federal Marxist–Leninist, single-party state
  legislature Praesidium
Area 8,456 km²
Population 778,644 (1981) 
Currency Umbrian Lira

The People's Republic of Umbria was a nation in Europe, the only openly communist country in the Italian peninsula.


It was established in 1945, after the overthrowal of Bastianini's conservative and isolationist government of the Umbrian puppet state of the Litoral Republic.

After the collapse of the Berlin wall, followed by an internal crisis of the UCP, the nation ceased to exist on December 31, 1989, thus starting a peaceful transition to democracy.

The fall of the Communist government created a nostalgic feeling comparable to the Ostalgie, as all the Umbrian communist products were replaced with Western ones.

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