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  • Alfred of Wessex (849-881) - Claimant to throne of Wessex who led rebellion against the Vikings
  • Anarawd ap Rhodri (d. 914) - King of Gwynedd in Wales, defeated by Viking Dublin.
  • Ceolwulf II (d. 881) - last King of Mercia; deposed by his former ally and patron Halfdan Ragnarsson in 877.
  • Charles the Fat (839-888) - Carolingian Western Roman Emperor, 881-888
  • Ethelred the Pious (840-873) - Last king of Wessex, killed at Battle of Headcorn.
  • Guthrum the Old (d. 880) - Chiefdan loyal to Halfdan Ragnarsson, made Jarl of Lundun c. 875, revolted against Halfdan in 880 and executed.
  • Halfdan Ragnarsson (d. 893) - Brother of Ivar the Boneless; Viking conqueror and King of Jorvik who defeated Alfred of Wessex. Ragnarid.
  • Hogni Halfdansson of Jorvik (d. 924) - Son of Halfdan Ragnarsson and King of Jorvik. Re-established English Law in southern Jorvik. Made peace with Alba in 914.
  • Hrolfr the Northman (870-931) - Danish chieftain who became Jarl of Devon in 895; conquered Cornwall in 904. Established dynasty of Cornish kings.
  • Ivar the Boneless (d. 883) - Brother of Halfdan Ragnarsson; Viking King of East Anglia. Ragnaring. Ragnarid.
  • Louis the Wary - Carolingian King of Italy who became Western Emperor in 888.
  • Odo of Paris (860-898) - Count of Paris who turned away a minor Danish raid in 885.
  • Olaf III Guthfrithson (d. 941) - King of Dublin who established suzerainty over Gwynedd in Wales. Ally of Jorvik.
  • Sigfred of Denmark (d. 800) - King of Denmark who led abortive raid against Paris in 885.
  • Sigfrid Ivarsson (d. 903) - Son of Ivar the Boneless; King of East Anglia 883-903. Took Lundun from Jorvik. Ragnaring. Ragnarid.
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