When walking to lunch, five friends are transported to the Soviet Union in 1933.


The group soon proves they're not spies and from the future, which piques Stalin's interest. Although everyone is a little tense about helping the Soviets and especially Stalin, Paul begins working together with military men and politicians on a coup.


Paul convinces Zhukov, Tukhachevsky, Chuikov, and dozens of other generals and marshals that Stalin will brutally murder them all, leading to a horrible Soviet defeat in WWII. Convinced, Zhukov leads a coup against Stalin with almost the entire Red Army behind him. This begins the Second Russian Civil War. Although it is called this, it only lasts two months and the result is not in doubt. Stalin is arrested, Beria takes command of the remaining Stalinist bases and troops but when the Stalinist capital of Gori is overrun, he kills himself. Tukhachevsky takes command while Trotsky is invited to lead the USSR, Paul's only condition. He accepts and returns as a hero. With their consciences cleared, the group begins to offer and reveal all of their knowledge. Paul becomes fluent in Russian.


Prototypes of the T-26 (T-34) and the MiG-1 (MiG 16) are approved. At a meeting, Paul and Connor speak of the concept of the assault rifle and talk of designs of a new weapon, the AH-1 (AK-47). It is quickly approved when Trotsky famously orders that "Every soldier must have one." Paul more or less completely steals the 88mm gun design from a somehow still connected to the present day internet with his laptop. Meanwhile, Trotsky's reforms produce better five year plans and an increase in the standard of living for all.


The Spanish Civil War breaks out. Trotsky gives massive help to the Republicans, using it as a testing ground for the new weaponry. Although only Soviet "volunteers" control the most advanced equipment. The nationalists begin to get slaughtered with only their now inferior German help. The LT-1 (IS-2) is approved and enters mass production. The Red Air Force is updated with the MiG-2 (MiG 18) and the Tu-1 (Tu-4 or more commonly B-29) bomber. The Red Army begins plans for the most complex defense line in history, called the People's Line. The LT-2 prototype (T-10) is cleared.


Paul and a team of scientists begin work on the Prototype for the T-30 (T-55). The Nationalists are finally crushed after massive aid. They come back into power. The Soviet Union seeks to sign an alliance with Britain, France and Poland but is initially refused.


The MiG-3 (MiG-19) begins production along with the Tu-2 (Tu-16). Technology has to stagnate here while industry is modernized.


The Battle of Khalkhin Gol leads to a crushing defeat of Imperial Japan. The Japanese are so embarrassed that they seek a peace with the Soviets. Nazi Germany sends a secret message: they want to work together with the Soviets. Trotsky writes one word in German in his own hand: "nein" (no).

The invasion of Poland takes place. Already preparing for the inevitable, Leon Trotsky orders a massive network of fortresses set up along the Russian border with Europe.


Nazi Germany overruns France, but Trotsky bides his time. The opportune moment will be when the Nazis come to the Russians


The People's Line is completed.

Hitler orders an invasion of Soviet Russia. But the Nazi generals are horrified and shocked when they meet T-30s (T-55s), LT-1s and MiG-3s (MiG-18s), as well as AK-47s. The invading Nazi armies are squashed at Kiev by Georgy Zhukov. Within six months, the Soviets make it to Berlin. Himmler is caught before he could kill himself - along with much of the Nazi inner circle. Hitler, however, flees to Paris.


The USSR uses a nuke on Hamburg after Heydrich fled there. Hitler is caught by Georgy Zhukov, who personally unloads an AK-47 clip into the dictator, saying "Hitler was worthy of as many deaths as there are bullets in an assault rifle".

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