OTL, Erode Venkata Ramasamy, common known as "Periyar" was a Dravida activist disillusioned with the Indian National Congress's favoring of the Brahmins. This timeline shows this man going on an alternate path, radicalizing, creating his own political ideology, and ultimately creating a third political bloc.

Point of Divergence

In 1925, Ramasamy begins to seriously study Communism. He ultimately decides not to adopt the Ideology itself, but to incorporate elements into his own ideology that he begins to write. In 1930, he publishes Periyarism: A Thesis on the Third World's Future. He distributes it to the literate Dravidian populace in India, and this changes the history of mankind forever.

What is Periyarism

  • Periyarism is a Socialist Ideology that has a strong emphasis on rationality and self reliance.
  • It is an atheistic ideology.
  • A key element of the ideology, is to stop the "majority from tyrannizing over the minority," which includes ethnic states succeeding if they have to in order to get more autonomy.
  • Another large factor is it emphasizes industrialization and development, in order to emphasis on the self reliance part.
  • Pariyarist economies are strictly planned economies.
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