The Kingdom of Peru, or simply Peru, is a sovereign state in Laurentia. Peru is an absolute monarchy, with its throne located in the capital city of Lima. The government exercises its total authority over five regions and ten states, all under the direct, centralized control of the King. The official language of Peru is French. As a nation on the continent of Laurentia, it is bordered by Brésil to the east, New Granada to the north, the Mapuche Confederacy to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Main ethnic groups include the indigenous native Peruvians and Peruvian-born French citizens. The official language of Peru is French.


"Dark Years"

Before 1858, the term "Dark Years" is used to help describe the lack of recorded and catalogued history before that year. Outside of pre-colonial history, most of which is very limited, and the lacking resources to help describe the early French colonization of Peru and its later independence, very little information can be acquired to better help unfold the unknown history of the nation.

Jose I reign (1858-present)

Government and politics

As an absolute monarchy under the House of Raygada, the King and Queen of Peru possess full executive and legislative power over the people that live in the kingdom.

Administrative divisions

As a kingdom, Peru is divided into five regions and ten states.

Each region is run under noble classes and civilians, some of which are directly related to many of the members of the House of Raygada. In terms of the states, they operate under an older, more feudal formula of categorization, with the military (known in this case as the "Legions") ruling and directing all of the states.

The current list of regions (as of 1858):

Flag Region Capital Ruler
TBA Kichwa Machala Fortuné Brunel
TBA Cajamarca Chiclayo Anselme Fortin
TBA Huanca Chimbote Edouard Perrault
TBA Lima Lima Jose Raygada Sr.
TBA Aymara Arequipa Gerald Nason

The current list of states (as of 1858):



In the army, there are 25,000 active and 25,000 reserve men.







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