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Peter I Island
Peter I Øy

— Municipality of Ognia
Timeline: Great White South
(and largest city)
  others Norwegian
Religion Lutheranism
Ethnic groups
  others Norwegian
Government Municipal government
Mayor Torbjorn Hendriksen
Area 243 km²
Population 700 
Established 1902
Admission 1975

Peter I Island is a municipality of the Ognian State of Ikranar. Prior to its admission to Ikranar in 1975, it was a Norwegian Overseas Territory, but the Norwegian Government transferred it to Ognia a few weeks after Ikranar gained statehood. Peter I Island is the only area of Ognia to have ever been under Norwegian control.

As a result of the long period Norwegian occupation, the Island has a significant ethnic Norwegian population, and the majority of the population speak Norwegian as either a first or second language. This has resulted in Norwegian being a co-official language of the municipality (though it is not official in the rest of Ikranar, or elsewhere in Ognia).

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