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Philip III
King of France
Reign 17th February, 1229 - 2nd December, 1258
Predecessor Louis VIII
Successor Catherine I
Born 5th June, 1220
Paris, France
Died 2nd December, 1258
Chartres, France
Spouse Avita of Savoy

Eleanor of Provence

Issue Catherine I
House Capet
Father Louis VIII
Mother Joan of Champagne

Nine years old when his father died, Philip III, ruled over an outwardly confident France during the early part of the 13th century.

His minority was dominated by his mother Joan of Champagne, who by all accounts was a mediocre regent stirring up the only-recently quelled peasantry with excessive demands for taxation. She was quickly side-lined and the Bishop of Reims would oversee the remainder of Philip's minority.


Much of Philip's later reign would be geared toward ensuring the succession of his sole heir, a daughter; Catherine. Throughout the 1250s, oaths were dragged out of his nobles one by one to swear allegiance to her and her husband Louis of Orleans, lest a male heir was not born. Catherine would indeed inherit France when Philip died in 1258. By and large his nobles did honour their promises though many of the other Francian states were less beholden to the new queen and used the succession as an excuse to renege on treaties and restart feuds which Philip had worked so hard to end.

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