King of Svealand
Reign 1105 - 1118
Predecessor Inge I the Elder
Successor Inge II the Younger
Born c. 1050
Died 1118
Full name
Philip Halstensson
House Stenkil
Father Halsten Stenkilsson

Philip, although undisputed king of Svealand for around fifteen years is almost completely without sources for his reign. He succeeded his uncle Inge I following his death in around 1105.

His reign began with an invasion by Magnus III of Hordaland. Hordalandic sources suggest Philip repudiated the treaty between Magnus and Inge I which had promised the province of Dalsand to Magnus. Magnus was however defeated and killed at Sala in November 1105.

Beyond this victory Philip's reign is undocumented. It is known he married Harald Hardrada's daughter Ingegerd and was regarded as a good king that is as far as the records go.

It seems likely he ruled alongside his younger brother, Inge II who would rule solely after Philip's death.

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