Philippe VIII
King of France
Reign 8 February 1929-
Coronation 29 May 1929, Reims Cathedral
Predecessor Philippe VII de jure

Napoleon III de facto

Heir Apparent Jean,Duke of Guisse
Born 6 February 1869
York House, Twickenham, Middlesex
Spouse Archduchess Maria Dorothea of Austria
Issue None
Full name
Prince Louis Philippe Robert d'Orléans
House Orléans
Father Philippe VII
Mother Princess Marie Isabelle of Orléans
Philippe VIII (Louis Philippe Robert;born 6 February 1869) is the king of France.He is the Eldest son and first child of Philippe, Count of Paris, who was styled as King Philippe VII of France in exile. He came to power as a result of the 1929 French coup d'etat,

Early life

Philippe was born at York House, Twickenham, Middlesex as the eldest son of Philippe, Count of Paris and his wife Princess Marie Isabelle of Orléans. Although he was baptized with the name Louis-Philippe-Robert,he preferred to be called Philippe over his full name. Due to the abdication of his Great-Grandfather Louis Philippe, King of the French, in 1848, his family were forced into exile to England. After the fall of the second French empire in 1871, they were allowed to return. Following his return to France in 1871, Philippe was educated at home at the Château d'Eu and at the Collège Stanislas de Paris. In 1880 he was granted the title of Duc d'Orléans by his father.

Philippe grew up to be quite tall and blond and later on grew a beard. One of his favorite pastimes when not attending school, was to mountain climb which he had learned from one of his father's friends.

Military Career

Philippe began his military career at the École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr. At one point in 1886, he was about to become a commander in the French army, when his family were once again forced into exile by the French government. After this incident, he was placed under the supervision of Colonel de Parseval who helped him apply for a military academy in Lausanne. During his family's exile in Great Britain, he entered the Royal Military collage in Sandhurst with the help of Queen Victoria who had personally recommended him to it.


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